30 April 2008

The Sparks are Flying

I mean that literally. The sparks really are flying. Don't believe me?

I need to make this quick so I can keep an eye on my help in the kitchen. If the first picture didn't clue you in to how things are going, this one should help.
We have now renamed this yellow paint, "Yummy Custard." It makes us feel better about the fact that we found the baby eating it.

Still not sure about how things are going? Here are two words for you, "missed" and "bus." Even better are these two words, "traffic" and "enforcement." I didn't take a picture of that last incident because I don't' think the police take kindly to that sort of thing.


CarrieAnne said...

Was it a "Golden Ticket"? To match the paint?

Did he give you a ticket for feeding paint to your kids?

Inquiring minds want to know.at

Anonymous said...

It least it's not lead-based paint.

Michelle said...

Come on, you can't leave it at two sets of two words. I'm dying here. Tell me more, tell me more!

Succubus and Saint said...

sounds like an exciting time. You will have to share the next time we have a girls night out.