20 December 2011

This Week the Boys Said . . .


"That's enough chocolate for today.  Whoa . . . I mean for one day not two days.  Today . . . two days . . . that is REALLY confusing!"

"Grandma, are you having a hard time getting to the bathroom? You know, there IS an easier way.  Have you thought about an electric power scooter?"


"I don't know what to do! Sometimes I'm naughty and sometimes I'm nice. I hope Santa has a medium list."


"Sometimes at recess I just like to walk around the school yard and think of really sweet chess moves.  In fact, today I came up with some AMAZING ones."

16 December 2011

Is it Christmas Already?

This year has gone by way too fast and I find that I am incredibly unprepared for Christmas. But it seems to be coming regardless . . . so here a few things we've been doing this holiday season.

I tried to make brownies.

I really should stop telling people I can bring things with they invite us over. The worst part is that the brownies were from a mix.  Oh well, instead of brownies we took a plate with left-over Costco Almond Roca. Yum.

Madison successfully made a cake.

In fact, from now on Madison will be in charge of making what we take to our friend's houses. Now that she's tried her hand at cake decorating she wants us to buy her all the supplies for Christmas. I'm not against the idea.

Kai brought the class pet home for the weekend

This is the second weekend we've watched Rowdy, the class guinea pig--and we may be getting him over Christmas break . . . yeah. I don't really understand the appeal of guinea pigs. They aren't cuddly or fun in any way--but that being said, I've never had to chase a three legged guinea pig up the street.

Madison set up a lemonade/headband stand.

Yes my daughter sold lemonade in December . . . in Utah . . . and just to make it a little more strange she decided to sell headbands too. You want to know why? I asked, and she said she was trying save $800 because then she'll have enough money to fly to Italy and buy really good Nutella.

Kai had his first violin concert

He was, uh, kind of excited. But seriously, that kid is adorable and the suspenders just make him even more so.

Kai has been playing the violin for 4 months now. Incidentally, Madison started playing the oboe around the same time, and I honestly don't know which is worse, new oboe or new violin.

Chase lost his first tooth.

Loose teeth are usually a pretty big deal around here. In fact, some of my kids make a ridiculous production out of the whole thing.  But Chase is his own man.  He played with his tooth for a week and announced  that he needed a napkin at breakfast. I handed him a napkin and he handed me his tooth. He was obviously thrilled about the whole thing

Davis had his last preschool program.

I have been to this program EIGHT times now. Twice for each child. Eight years and this was THE FIRST year I was able to get a seat close enough to get a decent picture.  This what I got . . .

I give you 1. Davis taking his costume off 2. Davis making a weird face, and 3. Oh my goodness I think he might need to pee.

Merry Christmas!