26 January 2011

Start Saving Your Pennies

There is a particular little boy who for all the grief, stress, and worry he has caused needs to become the famous veterinarian he aspires to be, because he owes me a lifetime pass to a very luxurious spa.

17 January 2011

Warning: This Post May Contain Excessive Cuteness

I got a little flak from the last video I posted.  It made some people gag so much they couldn't finish watching it.  I decided that to make things right I should post a video that is the same amount of cute as the last video was disgusting.  But I was asked by several people to post a warning before any more videos that might be excessive.  So be fairly warned, this video may be excessively cute.  I hope you can stomach the whole video, or make it at least as far into it as you did the other.

06 January 2011

03 January 2011

Doing My Duty

Today I will cash a check for $18.50 and I proudly earned every penny of it.

Not too long ago the city of Lehi asked me to serve on a jury. This consisted of a couple hours of testimony, a free sandwich, and the promise of a Dr. Pepper (which instead turned out to be a bottle of water and a pink cookie--apparently they were out of Dr. Pepper-- not that I'm bitter or anything).  The testimony boiled down to this, the person in question left a bar, was pulled over by a policeman, failed his field sobriety tests, went back to the station and failed the breathalyzer (he scored a .14, in other words he was very drunk), and then admitted to (and never recanted) drinking no less than ten beers before heading home.

Three other jury members and I were supposed to take these facts and answer the following questions:
1.  Had the person in question been drinking that night
2.  Was the person in question in fact drunk (or over the legal limit .08) 
It was a tough call, but after a grueling 20 minutes of deliberation (10 of which was spent filling out paper work) we decided not only had he been drinking that night, he was in fact drunk.  I say money well spent.  But for future reference, Lehi, a bottle of water and a pink cookie does not a Dr. Pepper make.

01 January 2011

House Rules

This weekend we spent most of our time cleaning, organizing and rearranging the kid's rooms.  This inspired me to enact a new house rule: Children are allowed to read for 30 minutes before bed IF their rooms are clean.  If not, they can spend that time cleaning their room.  Wonderful isn't it? 

This rule empowered me, so I decided that my new year's resolution would be to create even more useful house rules.  Today (mostly during dinner) I was pleased to be able to enact several more rules:

1.  Do not touch other people's food
2.  Your fingers are not allowed in other people's ears
3.  Bum talk is strictly prohibited during meal times (and I don't mean talk about homeless people)
4.  Do not blame your burps on people who are not close enough to defend themselves

This year is already shaping up to be awesome.