07 December 2012

Just a few things I found around the house after the the boys left for school.

A pile of pajamas by the fire.

An apple and a shirt on a kitchen chair. I'm pretty sure they had shirts on when they left 
...but this does make one wonder.

The peanut butter lid on a bar stool.

A forgotten sandwich on the bar.

And a bag of open bread under the Christmas tree in the front room.

All in all--a pretty typical morning.

03 December 2012

So This is Christmas

Last week we decided it was high time we actually had family home evening and seeing how it was getting close to Christmas we thought it would be prudent to spend the night full of Christmas themed family togetherness.  We decorated the tree, sung Christmas carols, and great fun was had by all--except Chase, who every few minutes would stop and ask, "can I go now?"

We ended the evening by taking turns answering very serious questions regarding Christmas. I asked Kai if there was something he thought he might get for Christmas (likes socks or underwear) that he really didn't want. He said, "Hmm. I love everything I get. But if I had to pick something, I have to say I don't want anything girly." so Davis piped in and said, "Yeah, I don't want anything girly either! Like I don't want ANY fingernail polish or ANY make-up [insert long thoughtful pause] well actually I DO want fingernail polish and make-up" Kai started giggling so Davis glared at him as said, "But I don't want any more kids! We have enough of that."

We asked Chase if there was an activity or tradition he wanted to make sure we did this Christmas and he said, "I just want to do more fun things together as a family." I was touched and said, "Chase that's so sweet!" "Can I go do them now?" He asked. "Well, that IS what we're doing. RIGHT now." I said excitedly. He said, "Oh. I guess I meant to say I'd like to do more boring things by myself. Can I go do THAT now?"