28 September 2011

Developmental Dissonance

It seems wrong that my child's desire for me to not see him in his underwear has preceded his ability to put on his own pants.

22 September 2011

Madison is a Rock Star

Well not a rock star per say, but yesterday she got a little taste of what it might feel like to be one.

Yesterday Madison ran in the Triple Crown 1 Mile Elementary School Races at BYU.  In the picture above she is running with a rabbit who I think is from the BYU track and field team.  See how you don't see anyone running behind her?  That's because the second place girl came in twenty seconds behind her. 

Do you love that even though Madison is on a step that is a good three inches higher than the second place girl Madison is still at least an inch shorter than her?  Michael told her that height has nothing to do with running.  I sarcastically (shocking I know) said, "oh yeah, that's why you see so many short people running in the Olympics."  She told me that was just because people think you can't run if you're short.  She said it's like the four minute mile, as soon as one person broke the four minute mark people realized it was possible and they started doing it too.  She said she is going to be the short person who shows short people that they can run too.  How can you NOT love that?

This year her school did so well in the races that they were crowned the Champions and received stewardship of the Championship Trophy. I'm not positive but I think this is the first time they've ever won the Championship Trophy.  If its not the first its been a while.

The woman in the yellow shirt is their P.E. teacher and the school representative.  They were all a little excited.  Can you tell?

16 September 2011

When Pink Eye Looks Like a Black Eye

So this kid was like "Hey! Give me your juice box!" and I was all "No way man.  Get your own!"  But seriously, you should see the other guy!

Side note:  When I told Davis I wanted a picture of him where he looked like a boxer he got down on all fours and pretended to be a dog.

15 September 2011

Its A Miracle My Children Don't Show Up At School Naked

Exhibit A:

Me:  Kai, are you sure want to wear a long sleeved shirt to school? 
Kai:  Its cold in the morning.
Me: Why not wear a short sleeved shirt and a light jacket so you won't be hot in the afternoon?
Kai:  My light jacket doesn't have a hood.
Me:  Neither does the long sleeved shirt you're wearing.
Kai: I think I'll just wear my blue shoes.  Thanks though.
Me:  I'm so confused right now.

Exhibit B:

Chase:  Mom.  I can't find any pants. 
Me:  What about one of the three pair you knocked out of your basket and are currently standing on.
Chase (looking down):  Wow.  That's a lot of pants.

09 September 2011


Upon leaving a very good Mexican restaurant Davis and I had the following conversation:

D:  What language were those people speaking?
Me: Spanish.
D:  No.  The people in the restaurant.  What language was that?
Me:  That was Spanish.
D:  No it wasn't.  I speak Spanish and I didn't understand any of that.  They were was just talking crazy.

I've mentioned it before but Davis is under the impression that he can speak Spanish.  If nothing else I have managed to raise children with confidence.  Some may even go so far as to say, too much confidence.