30 April 2012

Introducing Spike

Today the old man at the pet store talked me into buying a otocinclus.

He promised me that Frankie and the little algae eater would get along. Besides he was only a dollar so it wasn't a hard sale.

Davis saw him and immediately fell in love so the otocinclus is now Davis' "allergy eater." He named him "Spike the Allergy Eater" but calls him Spike for short.

I gave Davis the bag and he loving poured Spike into Frankie's tank and said,

"Mom, Frankie's like, 'Hey Bartholomew, whats up!' Because Frankie doesn't know his name is really Spike."

"But don't you think it's kind of weird that Frankie would call him Bartholomew?"

"Maybe. But it would be more weirder if Frankie knew Spike's name 'cause they've never met 'til now."

"Good point. You should just tell Frankie that his name is Spike and not Bartholomew."

"I don't speak fish."

28 April 2012

Most of Our Conversations Go Like This

Madison: So what am I supposed to wear to this tea party?
Me: I don't know. Ask Ashley, she's the one who invited you.
Madison: But like do you think I can wear jeans or do I have to wear a dress?
Me: I don't know. You should ask Ashley.
Madison: Do you think I can just wear nice pants?
Me: Yes.
Madison: Are you sure?
Me: NO! I have no idea--which is why you should ask ASHLEY!
Madison: Okay I think I'm just going to call Ashley at 8:30. That's in 36 minutes or just a half an hour but then with six more minutes. I think either of those would be fine. Don't you?

16 April 2012

It's Okay If You Spell It . . . Right?

Kai: These bug bites are driving me crazy! They itch like H-E-L-L!
Davis (very impressed): Whoa . . . Kai knows how to spell itchy?!!

05 April 2012

Sports Season

I have a love hate relationship with sports. I love that my kids participate in sports but I hate the time that you have to invest into practices and games.

This is Madison's 4th year playing soccer and every year I think I should sign her up for private instruction or put her on a private league but then I remember that I'm cheap and so I don't do it. However, this year she's at a point where she won't progress much more without guidance. So we broke down and got her a soccer tutor. It is amazing how much difference it has made and I wish we had done it sooner.

However there is one problem Madison seems to have at every practice and every game--she can't seem to keep her shoes tied. Seriously, her shoes are NEVER tied.

Have I mentioned that I love my new camera?  Because I really really do. It makes sitting for an hour in the freezing cold almost worth it.