22 July 2011

Its About Time

We are finally starting to get food from our garden.  We've been eating snap peas, cucumbers, green beans, and carrots.  Chase is still anxiously awaiting his corn.  He checks on it every day.  We still don't have any ripe tomatoes but I think we'll start getting some red ones next week. 

We've had a lot of fun with the carrots, snap peas, and green beans so I think we'll plant more of those next year. 

While the garden has been busy growing I've been busy playing with fiber.  A while ago I bought some milk silk from Greenwood Fiberworks and I've been attempting to spin it ever since.  I had some trouble at first but eventually got the hang of it and finished two bobbins worth.  Michael bought me a jumbo flyer for mother's day so I was able to ply them together.  I love how it turned out.  Now I just need to find something to knit with it.

two bobbins worth of singles

Setting the twist
Wound into a hank

18 July 2011

Gotcha Day

Six years ago we put Madison and Kai in the van and picked up my mom and dad.  Michael was afraid we would hit bad traffic or there would be an accident and we’d be late so we left several hours early even though the airport is less than an hour away.

We arrived at the airport and got situated by the United Airlines exit.  After a while the plane from San Francisco (the connecting flight from Korea) landed.  We held up the signs we'd made so the woman from Holt would be able to identify us.  We waited and waited but little Chase never came through the gate.

After what seemed like hours my mom suggested we go to the United desk and see if they had any idea what we should do.  Michael and I were afraid that the second we took our eyes off the gate Chase's escort would finally come through and we would miss him.  So my dad went.

The United desk told him that a Korean escort with a baby had been on the plane but they didn’t know where she had gone after she got off.  My dad decided to walk around and try to find her.  He took his cell phone and left.  He walked from one side of the airport to the other and upon entering the Delta terminal he saw a young Asian woman talking to a Delta worker.  She was carrying a small baby and large bag.  My dad approached them and in Korean said, “Are you from Holt?”  “Yes! Yes!” she said as she started to cry. She didn’t speak any English and didn’t know where to go when she got off the plane.  She got lost and came out in a deserted Delta terminal and didn’t understand where everyone was.  Finally Delta found a representative who spoke a little Korean but he didn’t really understand what she was saying about Holt and the baby. 

My dad called us and we came running.  Through my dad the escort told us that Chase was the most loved baby at the Holt Reception Center.  She said that he was so handsome and sweet that everyone fought over who got to hold and care for him.  She said that he was her favorite so even though she’d never been an escort before, when she found out that Chase was traveling she asked to be assigned to him.  

So at the baggage claim in an empty Delta terminal I was handed a  baby boy with big chubby cheeks, dark eyes, thick black hair and a big beautiful smile.

Happy "gotcha day" Mr. Chase.  We're so lucky to have you in our little family.

02 July 2011

Summer and Small Goats

When it comes to entertaining the kids I like any activity that allows us to stay at home--preferable in our pajamas.  As a result this summer we've done a lot of reading, and almost every night has been family movie night.

Saturday morning Michael decided enough was enough and told us we were going on a hike.  As we were parking the car Kai looked out his window and said, "Awwww!!! Look, it's a baby goat, how CUUUUTEE!"  Unfortunately, what the boy saw was not a baby goat but a schnauzer.

Michael might be right.  We need to get out more.