20 February 2013

5 Years Later

5 years ago I told Madison she had to throw away her favorite pair of shoes because they had holes in them.  This is how she reacted:
Madison in December 2007
So imagine my joy when nary a tear was shed last week when I told her to throw away another favorite pair of shoes for the same reason.

Madison February 2013

We've come a long way baby!

Do you love the fact that she still does her hair the same way?

08 February 2013

A Few Things Davis Said to My Mom

Yesterday was “infusion day,” so Kai and I were chilling at the hospital while Davis spent some quality time with Grandma Jan.

When I first dropped Davis off, my mom was doing her hair. She had just put styling gel in when my Dad told her he was leaving, so she went into the other room to check on the Dave. When he saw her he said, "Grandma, your hair looks crazy."

My mom: "I know. I was just getting ready to dry and curl it."
Davis: "No. I mean it looks really crazy! It looks crazier than clown's hair. In fact, I think clowns could quit buying wigs and just do whatever you did to your hair to theirs."

Later, an ad for an electric power chair came on the TV and asked, "Have you fallen in the last 3 months?" Davis said "Well I have fallen. But I am not getting one of those".

And then for the trifecta... Davis drew a picture of my mom all tied up in a dungeon and unable to move. My mom said, "Davis, don't draw me in a sad place, put me in a happy place!" Davis exasperatedly said, "But grandma, I put a smile on your face."

Grandma in a Dungeon by Davis