29 March 2013

Chase is 8

Today Chase turned 8. He wore his new black cowboy shirt (thanks Grandpa and Grandma Malmgren) and his newly polished black cowboy boots. Davis looked at him and said, "Too bad you don't have black pants because then your whole body would match." Chase thought for a second before replying, "Yeah, but I'm not really into goth."

I'd tell you more but I have to go make a tank cake.

19 March 2013

I Had No Idea

Chase: "What's for school lunch today?"
Me: "Spaghetti."
Chase: "American or Chinese?"
Me: "I don't think there is such a thing as Chinese Spaghetti."
Chase: "Hmm... It must be American then..."

Apparently I was wrong.


16 March 2013

The Next Big Saying

Davis: "Stop tickling me! You're giving me an office."
Me: "What?"
Davis: "I SAID stop it because your giving me an office!"
Me: "I heard you I just don't understand you."
Davis: "Because you're making me work at not being mad at you. Work? Get it? I need an office to work! Oh my gosh. Mom. Keep up."