23 March 2011

With a Little Finesse He'll Be a Politician

Me:  Kai, here's the problem.  I don't feel like I can get ready in the morning because if I leave you unattended you start playing instead of doing what you're supposed to do.  Do you think it's fair that I can't get ready because you're not doing what you're supposed to?

Kai: Yes! Whoa . . . whoa . . . No? Um.  What was the question again?  Wait, wait, wait . . . I have an idea, how about you tell me the answer you're looking for and I'll pick that one.

20 March 2011

For Aunt Becca

Dear Aunt Becca,

I think you could learn a thing or two from my wicked awesome dance moves.



16 March 2011

Family Night

Last Monday we told the kids we were going to do something entertaining and educational after school.  When we arrived at our destination Madison was very disappointed.  Apparently the library is not on her list of entertaining venues. So, in an effort to make the evening more enjoyable we decided to stop for a shake on the way home.

Of course they all had to sit by dad. You might think this bothers me.  What am I?  Chopped liver?  But honestly, that night I didn't have to tell Kai that a group of foxes is called a skulk, show Madison where the bathrooms were, calm Chase down after he saw a shark on the television, or talk Davis into keeping his pants on.  I think I came out ahead on this one.

07 March 2011

Push on Through

After binging on Brick Oven's cheese pizza and root beer Chase said, "Dad.  I think I'm gonna puke, but I'm still gonna want a lollipop."

02 March 2011

Yes Sir That's My Baby!

On the way home from dropping the kids off at school today Davis reached up and felt his head, "MOM!  There are spikes all over my head!"  He is still in denial about his hair growing back after we shaved him bald in January.  If you mention that his hair is growing back he will either one, argue with you about it or two, ignore you because you're not worth arguing with.  You can even show him his hair in a mirror and he still won't believe you.  "Mom!  I want all these spikes gone.  We need to shave them off so my head will be completely bald."  So when we got home I pulled out the razor and went to work.

He was watching as little tufts of hair were falling in his lap.  He grabbed one and said, "Wait . . . WHAT?  These aren't spikes?!!  There weren't spikes on my head.  These are hair crumbs.  I had hair crumbs all over my head!  HAIR CRUMBS!!!"

But now he is proudly hair crumb free.
I told him I wanted two pictures, one with the hat on and one with it off.  He took the hat and said, "I'm gonna show you how a dude wears his hat."  Apparently dudes wear their hats backwards.