27 September 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

My Favorite Memories of My Dad

1. On occasion we would pack up the big red van and drive out to California to visit my grandparents. On one of these road trips he sang to Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" with incredible gusto. To this day I can't hear that song with out thinking of him.

2. Once he stapled my arm with a staple gun. In his defense he didn't know it had staples in it. Surprisingly it didn't hurt at all. After we took the staple out he got a pencil and put little black circles around the red marks in my arm and I told my mom I'd been bitten by a snake.

3. Every once in a while he would let me go to work with him. I think I was six or seven, when at his office one day I made an amazing observation. Very proud of myself I said, "Dad, I just realized that every object has at least two sides!"
"Really?" He paused a minute and messed with some paper on his desk. "How about this one?" He asked handing me a Mobius Strip.

4. I have long since forgotten my misdeeds, but I do remember that when my dad was feeling particularly punchy he would set us on the couch and read Heidegger or Nietzsche for a predetermined amount of time. During one of my "sessions" my older brother stood behind my dad's back and mimicked him. I started to laugh so my brother had to join me on the couch (sorry about that Christian).

5. When I was about twelve my dad took me for a walk around the neighborhood. He wanted to talk to me because he felt like I was taking school too seriously, and wanted to make sure I took some time to relax and play with my friends. I was touched that he was so concerned; maybe that's why I took him so seriously. I think he was probably regretting that talk when I dropped out of high school and he told me that if I didn't finish college he would strangle me.


When we got home from school today the boys were waiting for her in the driveway, even Stanley.

Boys, Boys, and MORE Boys!

We just moved a few months ago and the kids still don't have friends in the neighborhood. So imagine my surprise when after answering a knock at the door I found four boys standing on my porch. Yes, I said FOUR boys.

I recognized two of them because they had recently suckered me into buying some peaches from them for 50 cents each. Yes, that is correct also . . . 50 cents . . . each. ALWAYS ask how much before you agree to buy the neighbor's kids produce. I mean I remember selling stupid things to my neighbors as a kid, but I don't think I ever asked for more than a nickel! But I digress . . . .

Here I am with four boys on my front porch and they ask me if Madison can play. How am I expected to respond to this? Michael would have said, "No!" maybe even, "Hell no!" and shut the door. I let her go play. But I did make her come home at 5. I can't just let her stay out with boys all night after all! What would the neighbors say?

When she came home she told me the boys were planning on coming back tomorrow. So Matt, you're going to have to bring Duncan over more often, he's got some competition now.

I am a little concerned with how the other little neighborhood girls are going to react with this new development. I overheard Madison talking to one of them the other day,

Little Girl: "You know Stanley?" (he happens to be one of the four boys from yesterday)
Madison: "Ya."
Little Girl: "Well he calls me, like everyday, because he always wants to come over and play with me."
Madison: "Really? Did he call you today?"
Little Girl: "No."
Madison: "I guess it isn't EVERY day then, is it."

I'm not confused as to why there aren't any little girls asking her to play. She's not very good at female politics yet. Maybe we can work on that for FHE next week. I am in need of a good topic.

26 September 2007

No Pictures Please

My two year old has decided that he doesn't like his picture being taken. Whats up with that? Seriously I thought they weren't supposed to care until they were 12 and started puberty. Maybe he is just aware of how badly he needs a haircut.

23 September 2007

Happy Birthday!

If I remember correctly this was the bus trip from Hell. Even the bus driver wanted us to get off. I think he'd done one to many tours that day! Yet some how you still look like your enjoying yourself! What a dad! Happy birthday.

This post hasn't been up long and I'm already getting multiple questions as to why this was the bus trip from Hell. In order to help clarify things I am going to list a few things I learned on this trip.

1. Just because it is going to be a quick trip doesn't mean you should leave your diaper bag in the car.

2. The bus driver will tell you when you have asked too many questions . . . even if the questions aren't being directed at said bus driver.

3. Peeing in the woods isn't an innate behavior in all little boys. Some of them would rather "hold it" until it can be held no longer.

4. Even though it seems improbable, you may get the same bus driver on the trip back down as you had on the trip up.

17 September 2007

Hug me not . . .

Recently I have been scanning in old family photos. I started with old dead relatives, moved to grandparents, then baby pictures of the parents and so on.

My intentions were to find the best ones and hang them on the very bare walls of my house. All these pictures came in handy when we decided to make a slide show of sorts for my dad's upcoming birthday. So this afternoon while the Boy and the Girl were in school I went to do some more scanning and came across these pictures. True gems I figured I'd better post them.

Sadly enough there are few things I remember about my 6 months in Vienna. Among them are, kinder eggs-- they tend to make an impression, drinkable yogurt, muesli with chocolate bits, and putting on this easter play with Marc. Is it odd that most of what I remember revolves around food?

Speaking of food, I think am using a mesh produce bag as a veil. Boy was I ever clever . . . and resourceful!

16 September 2007

Cooking with Attitude

Kai has decided he wants to learn to cook. I have no problem with this. Shortly after we got married my husband took an avid interest in cooking-- I don't think this was a coincidence. When we first moved into our last house I decided to plant a flowering cherry tree in the front yard. As I was digging a very large hole in very rocky ground my new neighbor came over and to find out why my husband wasn't digging the hole for me. I told her he was busy inside making cookies. She gave me a disapproving look and went home. Later I took her some of his cookies. She told me they were better than sex. I don't know about that, but they are pretty good.

13 September 2007

Kai's first black eye

Kai got his first (and certainly not last) black eye. The best part is it resulted from being chased by a girl. In all fairness he did trip.