31 July 2009

Back on Gluten

Kai's appointment with the gastroenterologist was yesterday. It wasn't going to be for another month, but they had a cancellation so we were able to take that slot.

She told us that he is "the picture of health for a 4 year old." Too bad he's turning 7 a week from Monday.

They are putting him back on gluten for three weeks so they can do an endoscopy. She told us that because he has been off gluten when he goes back on his reaction to it will probably be worse than before. So he is in for a rough couple of weeks.

The timing works out pretty well because he'll only be on gluten (and in pain) for the first week of school. He is just excited because he gets to have real pizza for his birthday dinner.

As a celebratory start to his three weeks of gluten I made grilled cheese sandwiches. He's was thrilled and ate a sandwich and a half. About ten minutes after lunch he came to me grabbing his stomach and said, "Mom I think I discovered something. I think wheat bread has wheat in it." Then he walked off saying "Oh man. This is not my lucky day . . . ."

30 July 2009

While You Were Out

One of my favorite mornings on the coast was when Madison and I went out early with her uncle and a couple of her cousins to see the beach at low tide.

The tide was WAY out so we found a lot of great tide pools to explore.

The kids decided this little starfish needed to be rescued so they all grabbed an arm and tossed it into the sea.

I think one of the coolest things we found that morning was a sand crab. I'd never seen one before and thought the way they buried themselves in the sand was very cool to watch.

I told Madison if she ever needs to do a report on tide pools we'll be ready.

28 July 2009

Make Way

We're back. This means that before long you'll be bombarded with posts about Oregon. In fact, the bombardment begins now . . . .

There's a John Deere store not far from grandma and grandpa's house in Oregon. Seeing as Chase is a John Deere fanatic we decided to pay the store a little visit.

The first thing Chase noticed was the Johnny Popper.

After fawning over various farm equipment he joined the boy in the toy section.

Kai: "Look Chase! Its a toy Johnny Popper!"
Chase: "Dat's a Waterloo Boy."
Kai: "No, it's a Johnny Popper."
Michael: "Its a Waterloo Boy. It says it on the box."

Even though he had high hopes walking in with his, "Will Trade Sister For Tractor" shirt, we left with Madison and he left without a tractor. However, we couldn't leave empty handed so grandpa bought Chase a John Deere cup and we bought him a DVD called John Deere Country: How a Combine is Made. He is completely in love with this DVD.

Here is a quick preview.

Do you hear the song playing in the background? So do I . . . all the time! Chase sings it constantly. I figure it won't be long now before he buys himself some big ticket farm equipment while I'm taking a nap.

17 July 2009

Hello My Pretties

I am please to present two loaves of gluten free bread. Aren't they lovely? I used two different recipes and I think both turned out pretty well.

Here is a sampling of the mistakes I almost made--
1. double the milk
2. triple the yeast
3. way to much salt
However, thanks to the watchful eye of my bread making friend and of course to the many prayers I'm sure you sent in my behalf-- none of the things actually happened.


SO . . . now I'm thinking of buying a Bosch Mixer and Bosh Mill. I'm sure Michael is just thrilled! I think I'll need to pick up a few hours at the local fast food joint. Did you want fries with that?

16 July 2009

Be Afraid Mickey. Be Very Afraid.

Me: "Kai! Guess what! Cheetos don't have gluten!"
Chase: "Neither does Mickey Mouse."
Kai: "Ya, but Mickey Mouse isn't food."
Madison: "Yes he is. It's just that he's cat food."
Kai: "True. But it'd have to be a really big cat."

15 July 2009

I Knew It!

Study finds swearing helps pain

Here is a glimpse--
Scientists at England's Keele University say people swear when they hurt themselves because it actually reduces the pain.
But this is my favorite part--
The lead researcher got the idea after listening to his wife swear uncontrollably while delivering their child.

Today is a Momentous Day

Today, if all goes as planned, I will be making a loaf of bread.

Not just any loaf of bread though, a gluten free loaf of bread. I have enlisted an expert bread maker because I'm not very confident about my baking abilities. She did tell me that even though she's and expert she's never made gluten free bread. I figure any bread expert is better than no bread expert. So wish me a productive and disaster free afternoon.

13 July 2009

Why Are They Here?

Yesterday while the home teachers were over the boy leaned in close and whispered, "Mom . . . aren't they supposed to be teaching us about God and stuff? Not just . . . chatting?"

At least he whispered it. It was much less obvious than the time he prayed and asked "to please bless the home teachers that they can leave soon."

07 July 2009

This is the Life

Davis chilling in the shopping cart at target.

Thanks, But I'm Not Really Interested

Our air conditioning is broken again and has been for over a week. I haven't really done anything besides sit in a pool of my own sweat--which isn't something I generally blog about.

Today I got out of the very hot house and went to Target. They have air conditioning at Target. As the checker handed me the pen to sign the receipt she accidentally jabbed my hand with it and began to apologize profusely. "You're fine." I said. She freaked out, "WHAT did you say!?" Her reaction took me a little off guard. I took a step back and told her that I'd said it was fine. I wasn't upset that she had jabbed me with the pen. "Oh!" she said, "I totally took the 'you're fine' comment a different way."

This is why I don't go out much.