28 August 2008

Math Update

I'm excited to say Madison passed her math test and will be moving into 5th grade math! Doing math all summer long paid off-- she's awesome.

I am also excited to say that Michael promised my computer will be fixed soon. Which means I'll be able to post with pictures. I have a couple of hip homemaker post I need to do-- one with a really good recipe (thanks Ali) and I have a give away coming up. Are you so excited?

26 August 2008

What Comes Around . . .

When I was a kid my mom told me to stop rocking in the new chair. "Why? It rocks." I said. She told me that if I didn't stop I'd use all the rocks in one sitting. I thought that was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard.

So imagine my surprise when I found my self responding to the boy's question of why he needed to stop bending his bendable ruler with, "Because if you keep bending it, you'll use all the bends right now, and then you'll have nothing to do at school tomorrow."

As I heard those words come out of my mouth I realized something-- I bet my rocking in that chair was really annoying.

25 August 2008


Last week a friend and I went to an import store that happens to be going out of business. They had a lot of things on sale and happened to be selling the small jars of saffron for 4 dollars. My friend picked up an unopened box of individually wrapped jars and took it to the counter.

Her: "I'd like to buy some saffron. Do you have an open box? I can only find two unopened boxes."

Sales Person: "You don't want the whole box?"

Her: "Well I really can't afford the whole box. I just want one or two jars."

Sales Person: "You can't afford 4 dollars?"

Her: "Its 4 dollars for the whole box? Are you sure it isn't 4 dollars for a jar?"

Sales Person: "Well the box isn't opened so I'm sure it's 4 dollars for the whole box."

My friend bought the first box and I bought the second. I'm pretty sure I know why they are going out of business.

Now I just have to talk Michael into working his way through AllRecipes' list of the 20 best Saffron Dishes. Personally I think he should start with the Lamb Tagine.

22 August 2008

The Phone Never Rings When You Want It To

Did I tell you that Madison is taking the math placement test today? It all comes down to this. Did she do enough math to jump a year ahead? Only the test will tell.

Did I tell you I'm so nervous for her that I want to throw up? They are supposed to call me as soon as they get the results. That way I'll know if tonight we will be celebrating together or crying together.

I'll let you know the outcome as soon as I get the call.

edited to add--

No official word yet. We may not know for a week or so as they form the math classes. BUT she is feeling great and we are celebrating.

20 August 2008

Kai's School Vest

Kai turned six on the tenth of this month. A while ago he asked me to knit him a red school vest for his birthday. Because he wanted to wear it to school it had to be a solid red. I tried to find a pattern with cables or something because a plain red vest is just too boring to knit. I did a lot of searching and couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I decided to make one up. Dangerous, I know.

Thanks to Michael and his superior math skills It wasn't as hard as I thought. I looked through some books and various patterns and found a few cables I liked and jumped in. I am excited to say that it actually worked and he wore the vest to his first day of school.

I'm pretty excited because I would like to start selling some of my patterns and other knitting stuff at my etsy store. I've neglected my store lately-- in fact I it might be empty right now.

I need to make a few adjustments and knit the pattern one more time to check for errors, but once I've done that I can put the vest pattern and the pattern for the cardigan up.

First Day of School

The girl and boy are at school right now and Chase starts preschool this afternoon.

Though, I'm not sure what I'm going to do today, I do know it will not involve answering random questions. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

19 August 2008

I Don't Cook Much

Kai: What's for lunch?
Me: Cheese quesadillas.
Kai: Really? So dad taught you how make them?


Me: Davis! If you don't stop touching that I'm going to chop your fingers off and put them in my stew!
Madison: Wait . . . you're going to make stew?

15 August 2008

Death of a Computer

This week my laptop was taken apart, bathed in alcohol, dried, and put back together to no avail. Peach, as I affectionately called her, is officially dead.

In order to console myself I have been eating Harry and David mocha truffles by the handful. I haven't been drowning my sadness with Dr. Pepper is because when I went to Costco they were out. They had a pallet of Diet Pepsi in it's place-- as if that's an acceptable alternative. Seriously people Diet Pepsi? Hell in a hand basket . . . .

08 August 2008

Unscheduled Outage

On Tuesday my 3 year old, whom I did NOT kill by the way, dumped a glass of lemonade on my laptop. Hopefully I will have my desktop up and running tonight. However, if I don't, please pray for my sanity.

05 August 2008

Back To Normal

Me: Kai you need to go clean your room.
Kai: Okay. Fine!

15 minutes later


I go check. It's not even close to being clean.

Me: I don't think that's funny. Clean your room.

5 minutes later

Kai: Hey MOM! Look what I found in a crack in the wall!

He hands me a pen.

Me: Thanks. Are you cleaning your room?
Kai: Yes I am . . . . going to.

03 August 2008

Davis Update

I've been fielding a lot of phone calls about Davis so I decided it might be easier to put an update on the blog.

Davis was checked into the hospital Wednesday night. They just wanted to keep an eye on him because his white blood cell count was low, due to him being sick for over a week. His blood count began to increase so he was released Friday morning and is doing really well now.

We appreciate everyone's concern and support. Especially my parents who watched the other three kids with out complaint-- which is something I have a hard time doing!

One funny thing though, when Davis and I went the the hospital Wednesday morning for more blood tests we happened to have the same lady with the Russian accent. Even though we had seen her Monday and Tuesday she still did not remember us. When she went to draw his blood and saw the previous marks she asked if his blood had been drawn recently. "YES!" I said, "on Monday . . . by you!" She didn't believe me at first but after a quick ponder she replied, "Oh! You're the stool sample!"