25 February 2010

A Little Magic

Madison talking about a magic trick she saw at school . . .

They put a white scarf in the hat and then a red scarf and when he pulled it out there was a red scarf with white stripes.  No wait . . . it was a white scarf with red strips.  Or maybe it was red with white.  Well, I'm not really sure what it was but the other scarves were definitely gone.

24 February 2010

More Recovery Needed

Jack does not feel well today. I never have been good at making people (or dogs) feel better when they are sick or sad.  Instead I just make them stuff.

So as Jack whimpered on his pillow this morning I got a well used people sweater and turned it into a dog sweater.  Michael said that is fine as long as the other dogs on the street don't see him in it, as they've already picked on poor Jack enough.

23 February 2010

Jack is Back.

He's Going to Be a Rocker Or a Stylist

Last week Davis saw Madison painting her nails and begged me to paint his.  So, gasp,  I did.  I painted them black.  I painted them black because I thought that would be better than painting them pink or shiny metallic blue.  I don't have a lot of mainly colors of nail polish on hand. 

He was quite pleased with his nails and this afternoon while we were at the local yarn shop he showed them off the all the yarn ladies.  They gave him all sorts of attention and praise, as ladies in a yarn shop tend to do.

When we got home, having just purchased a bag of yarn, I became distracted.  However, the little man quickly caught my attention when I saw him walking down the hall like this . . . .

As is obvious from this picture he becomes a little more like Kai every day.  Heaven help me.  I should start saving for that padded white cell now.

Apparently he decided it was time to freshen up those nails.  Horrified I ran to the bathroom expecting to find black fingernail polish all over the walls and floor.  Instead I found this.

A few tiny splatters on the stool and some little black finger prints on the cap. 

If he practices his brush strokes he may be able to get a job in a salon one day.

20 February 2010

A Little Longer

See this pile of clean pillows, blankets, dishes and toys? It sits in the kitchen anxiously awaiting the arrival of Construction Site Lewis. Unfortunately it is going to have to wait a little bit longer.

I found out today that C.S. Lewis hasn't actually had the surgery yet. I know. Confusing. I thought she said he had, but the phone was cutting out a lot and so I must have misunderstood.

He was supposed to have the surgery on Thursday but the doctor broke his hand. They have another doctor coming in on Monday and they plan to do it then.

I'll keep you posted.

18 February 2010

Good Bye Dear Leg

Construction Site Lewis

Today CS Lewis loses his leg (as well as a few other things). Wish him luck.

Edited to add: They just called and everything went smoothly. They are keeping him tonight and tomorrow night. If all goes well we should be able to pick him up Saturday night.

17 February 2010


Wanna see something cool? www.ravelry.com/designers/lis-malmgren Its my very own ravelry designer page and it is open for public viewing! That means you don't have to be a member of ravelry to see the patterns I have listed there! I am hoping to have more than just the two patterns up soon.

Before I get any new patterns up I need to finish my ravelympics project. Ravolympics is where members of ravelry pick a knitting project and start during the Olympic opening ceremonies and try to be finished by the closing ceremonies. I chose a pair of fingerless mitts designed by Mim. She is who I want to be when I grow up. I have been knitting her serpentine mitts but I've made the cuff smaller because I don't like long gloves. My progress so far:

I love love love them. I may have enough yarn to knit Madison a pair too. I love that she loves things I knit for her.

14 February 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

The boys wanted to make sure this was the best valentines day ever so yesterday they presented Madison and me with roses. Then Chase gave me a valentine he'd made at school.

I was always pretty sure my children's love was purchaseable, and now I know I was right. And for 30 minutes of Dinosaur Train he might love you too.

One of the boys in Madison's class asked her if she'd be his valentine but she told him to shut up. Michael is very proud.

Not having someone ask him to be their valentine was hard on Davis so he decided to drown his sorrows in Tiki Punch.

But the best part of the day was the present I got from Michael. Combining Magritte and Super Mario Brothers? Genius. Pure Genius.

04 February 2010

My Thoughts On Love . . .

. . . will have to be read here at Ped Eggs and Hamlet. Go, read, and enjoy. And as a bonus you get to see a picture of me in my very large glasses phase. But hey at least I was skinny!

02 February 2010

And We Shall Call You Jack

With 41% and 12 votes the dog is now named Construction Site Lewis aka "Jack." Gunner, which is also a great name came in second.

Now I have to come up with an awesome prize for winners. I'll let you know what I come up with . . . .