25 April 2011

Baseball Draft

Real baseball has begun.  No more sneakers and jeans. This is big boy baseball so gone are the days where everyone gets at least five pitches and no one gets out.  In real baseball boys run drills while the coaches take notes and you have to run laps when you talk out of turn.

I don't believe I'm ready for real baseball, and seeing him line up next to boys twice his size, then watching as they rub the top of his head as if he's a good luck charm confirms my feelings.  But he loves baseball.  I wonder if either of us have any idea what we're in for.

ps.  I recognize that he looks strange in this picture, but it is the only one I have and if I wait until I get a better one I will never actually post this. 

20 April 2011

Another Cut

Shaving Davis' head has become pretty common place around here.  There are some who would prefer he grew his hair back out, but he just really likes being bald.  As I'm sure you know I'm pretty flexible when the kids want to do stuff with their hair. Hair grows back so if Kai wants to have red spikes over the summer, why not?  He's got a lot of personality and has found a way to express himself through his hair.  As he's gotten older he lost some interest in coloring and spiking his hair. Now he's really into cardigans.  I had to talk him out of wearing a blue button up cardigan to the baseball draft yesterday.

But none of my boys do the "normal" thing.  When I asked Chase what he wanted to sign up for this summer, he looked at me in his jeans and cowboy boots and said, "No'fin.  I just wanna to grow some corn."  So with the money we would have spent on soccer or baseball we got him a garden box and a package of seeds. We planted the seeds in an egg container and he was thrilled this morning to find that some of them are sprouting.  He also asked if he could plant hamburgers but settled for green peppers and maybe a tomato plant or two.

Sunday Davis decided it was time to shave his head again.  But since he is basically a clone of his older brother, this time he asked for a shaved version of a Mohawk.  And, of course, I gave it to him.  Michael thinks he looks like a "central Utah hick."  No offense if you're from central Utah--I'm sure he doesn't mean you! 

08 April 2011

Somday I Might be Able to Stand Alone

Sometimes I wonder what I'll blog about when my kids stop being funny or when they are all old enough that I shouldn't put what they say on the blog (I'm looking at you Madison).

But then I realize that in the last few weeks I was

--Approached by a stranger at the deli who wanted to discuss turkey sandwiches and the radiation in Japan.  She also thought my name was Ravelry because I had my knitting bag with me. 

--I got a check from my insurance company for 76 cents.  Right now you're thinking I probably fought a good fight for that 76 cents.  Nope.  For what ever reason they forgot to pay one of my doctors the whole bill and instead of just sending my doctor the 76 cents they sent it to me so now I owe my doctor 76 cents.  Ridiculous?  Yes.  Worth fighting about? Not really, especially because that doctor currently owes me 35 dollars.  Well, 34 dollars and 24 cents.  Of course, now is the time Michael is going to remind me that I once called the hospital because they were charging me a penny more than my EOB said I owed.  But I would like to point out that I was just curious about the discrepancy.  Really!! It was just the discrepancy!!  Why the discrepancy???

--And last but certainly not least, I got trapped in the underground parking lot at the library.  I almost had to use a emergency phone. Fortunately, in a brief moment of clarity between moments terror, I was able to call someone who happened to be above ground at the library and she was able to alert security with out getting the police involved. But now I know that when parking underground one should always leave the library before 9 p.m. because by 9:05 the gates are down and those sensors don't always work as well as they should.

04 April 2011

Conference Highlights

Davis:  Dieter Dork-dorf?  Dad they just said, "Dieter Dork-dorf!"
Michael:  Its Dieter UCHTdorf.
Davis:  YEAH!  That's what I said, "Dieter Dork-do."