29 May 2013

Rain Clouds

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This morning's rain not only cooled things off a little, it left some amazing clouds. Madison didn't have school today so I dragged her outside to take pictures of the rain clouds with me. I showed her how to use the tripod and all the filters she bought me for Christmas. I also talked to her about aperture and f-stops. Then I saw a somewhat familiar glazed-over look in her eyes. It took me back to when I was young and my dad dragged me into the kitchen to try to teach me about cooking. I didn't learn much. I suspect she didn't either.

28 May 2013

First Week of Summer 2013

Today was Madison's last day of school. Tomorrow is Davis' last day.  Chase and Kai have a few hours on Thursday--just enough time for a party (but don't tell Chase, if he hears the p-word he won't go).

Aside from a trip to Oregon to visit Michael's family we don't many summer plans.  Madison and Kai will be taking a couple of classes over the summer and Chase will be helping me keep an eye on the garden. Other than that we are hoping for some lazy summer days hopefully involving bike rides, family movies, and maybe even the occasional hike.

20 May 2013

The Usual

This morning Davis asked if I would make him a sandwich for breakfast. When I asked him what kind of sandwich he said, "You know...the usual." So I made him a peanut butter sandwich because this is what he eats multiple times a day every day. At which point he said, "What is that?! Peanut butter is NOT my usual! My usual is ham, salami, swiss, mayo and horseradish. Ohhhh, this is the worstest day ever!"

Davis' "worstest day ever" face

19 May 2013

A Walk Around The Block

Michael and I took a walk around the block tonight so I could play with bracketing and HDR photography. I am officially IN LOVE. Mike's not half bad either.

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16 May 2013

A Boy and His Violin

Because I wasn't able to get a good shot of the boy at his orchestra concert last year I decided to get pictures of him before we left this time.

We weren't really sure how getting his port would affect his ability to play the violin. He did have to make a few adjustments on how he holds it, but it looks good to me!  However, I know very little about the violin so my approval probably doesn't mean much...

14 May 2013

The Mark of a Gentleman

Yesterday as all the kids were piling into the car Madison was having trouble opening the door because her arms were full of books and homework papers.

One by one each of the boys pushed by her and hopped in the car.

"Wow." I said, "I have three boys and not a single one of you is a gentleman. One of you needs to open that door for your sister." To which Chase replied, "Mom. I have a WHOLE collection of bow ties. I'm pretty sure that qualifies me as a gentleman."

08 May 2013

Kid History

Because Kai is one of the regulars at hospital he was asked to come to a little meet and greet with the Kid History Foundation.  Of course Kai was thrilled to meet the people responsible for the Kid History Videos as well as Michael (another regular who helped ease Kai's anxiety about getting a port). 

He had a great time and even got to be in a Thank You video the foundation made. If you haven't watched any of the Kid History videos you should, Kai's favorite is Episode 3 and, of course, you should check out their foundation too. http://www.kidhistoryfoundation.org/