25 November 2009

Excuses and a Poll

I realize I'm not posting very often, but this time of year seems to stress me out a little. I'm pretty sure I said this last year (to no avail) but next year I'm going to make fewer Christmas presents. Its just way to time consuming.

Anyway, speaking of Christmas, I have been thinking about what to give my neighbors this year. I have narrowed it down to three options, they are

1. Hot Chocolate Mix (homemade and put in a cute jar)
2. DIY S'more Kits (Idea taken from here)
3. A hand knit dish cloth (Nothing fancy. Just the traditional eyelet edged version.)

I am adding a poll to the side bar so go and vote. I love not making my own decisions!

18 November 2009

An Open Letter to the Boy


I am a firm believer that if you're sick you should act sick. None of this running around the house wrestling with your brothers. If you are throwing up every 10 minutes you should be lying in bed moaning in the mean time. You'll get a lot more sympathy that way.


Your Mother

15 November 2009

The Sweeter Sweater Company

One of my friends just started an awesome business. She makes sweaters, barrettes, hairbands, caplets, and all sorts of things out of reclaimed and felted wool. The detail in her designs are amazing. You should totally check it out (sweetersweater.com). Right now she is doing two giveaways the first (link here) ends Monday the 16th (sorry for the late notice) and the second (for a 25$ gift certificate to her store) ends Wednesday the 18th (link here). So go check them out and enter!

13 November 2009

Question of the Day

Question: Should I be concerned that my 4 year old son got in the fridge, ate a raw egg and then told me it tasted disgusting and he thought it might be spoiled?

09 November 2009

It's Time For My Morning Jog

At least he has his shoes and socks on. Right? Seriously! My kids can never find their shoes and socks. It really is a small miracle.

06 November 2009

Now That's an Idea!

Boy: HEY MOM! Check this out! I just found these in my closet-- it's like they're Levis, but they're shorts! I'm going to call them "Levi Shorts!"

04 November 2009

This is Chase

Right now Chase is trying to figure out what he can say and do to push my buttons when he's mad. He used to stomp his foot and yell, "I'm so mad!" and then run off. That just made me giggle, so he stopped doing it. Then he tried to tell me things like, "I hate John Deere!" But when I suggested we give all his John Deere stuff to someone who still liked John Deere his tune changed pretty quickly. He also threatened to not go trick-or-treating a few times. I was totally on board with that. But the following is his most recent and one of my favorites--

Chase: I hate you!
Me: Oh? Well that makes me sad. But I still love you.