25 November 2008

That's Not a Knife . . .

Noah:  You should get this knife for your dad.
Kai:  No.  My dad doesn't fight.
Noah:  Not to fight-- you should get it so he can sharpen sticks and make spears.
Kai.  Uh . . . no.  My dad just goes to work and comes home.  He doesn't really make spears.

20 November 2008

Mr. Happy

This is Chase and his personality right now.

These black and yellow shoes are his favorite. He calls them his "fire fighter boots."

He will only were Levi pants. If any other pair of pants is suggested he will tell me that "they're too big."

When ever he is sad or crying, he will say, "I want be happy." Then he'll take a deep breath and say, "Okay momma, I happy." I don't understand it, but I wish I could bottle it.

19 November 2008

Yarn Therapy

I just bought a boat load of wool yarn from Knitpicks.  Yarn makes me happy.  Sometimes I pet my yarn.  It's like petting a cat-- very therapeutic.  

In my opinion wool gets a bad rap.  I think people in the wool industry should start a wool campaign.  

Wool!  Not as scratchy as you might think!

Why not?  Pork went from "pork-- not as good as chicken" to "pork-- the other white meat."  Even high fructose corn syrup is jumping on the campaign band wagon. 

Sorry high fructose corn syrup, I'm not buying it.  There is a reason stores can charge at least twice as much for Mexican Coke and Dublin Dr. Pepper.  Taste alone wins this argument.

16 November 2008

Well That's That.

I don't want to talk about it.

That's right I don't want to talk about how I decided to ever so slightly trim the baby's bangs before church.  

Michael doesn't want to talk about all the comments he got when he took the baby and his new bangs to Sunday School.

I don't want to
 talk about the fact that after church I decided to try to fix it, and well . . . I don't want to talk about it.

I don't want to talk about the fact that he looks more like a girl now than he did before.  

But mostly, I don't want to talk about the fact that every time I look at him I cry a little because I miss his curls.

13 November 2008

I Think He's On To Me

boy:  Grandma, did you know that my mom was 20 for a long time?
gma:  Really?
boy:  Yep.  She was 20 for a really long time and then she skipped 21, 22, 23, and 24, and just turned 25!
gma:  Wow.  That's weird.
boy:  Yep.  Then she was 25 for a long time but last year she turned 26.  Maybe next year she'll turn 27, or maybe she'll just skip again and turn 28 or 29.

11 November 2008

Enough Hair . . . On To Teeth

Yesterday the boy lost his first tooth.  He often talks about his loose teeth that aren't really loose, so I was surprised when I found one hanging by a thread yesterday.  I called Grandpa Jim and told the boy it might be a few minutes but Grandpa was coming.  Kai said that was fine because he "needed to prepare."

Grandpa Jim happened to be the one to pull Madison's first tooth and now the kids are convinced that he is the only one worthy of the job.  Hopefully he will always be in town when there are teeth to be pulled.  I can imagine the kids dying of starvation because they don't dare eat for fear their tooth will fall out before Grandpa comes back from Lebanon.  

After a few minutes I went to check on Kai.  I found him like this

He was on all fours with his mouth hanging open.

Me:  "Hey buddy.  What are you doing?"

Him:  "Waiting for grandpa."

Me:  "Ya.  I get that.  But what are you doing?"

Him:  "I'm on a red blanket in case my tooth falls out.  I'm keeping my mouth open so I won't swallow it and it will just fall on the blanket.  I picked red because it will hide the blood, and the white tooth will show up real easy.  If I'd chosen white, I'd be looking and looking and there would be blood everywhere. I'd probably never find it on a white blanket."

He had also gotten a Ziploc to keep the tooth in and a paper towel to sop up the blood.

It didn't take long for Grandpa Jim to come.  You'll be glad to know that Kai didn't swallow his tooth, and there wasn't blood everywhere.

Last night he wrote this story for his school teacher.  I don't know why some letters are underlined.  I do know that he spelled Mrs as Mrss because he is convinced that Mrs with only one s is pronounced as miss.  I also know that mane = money, store = story, los = lots, hape = happy, hav = have, and well = will.  Oh and anything with an exclamation point is meant to be exclamed with the kind of exhuberance only a six-year-old can produce.

To Mrss Peiotti 
From MacKay
A True Store

My tooth Fellout!

I am very glad That my tooth Fellout.  I hope That I well get los of mane.  I am very hape that my tooth Fellout.  I am very hape That my tooth Fellout and that I well hav los of fun.  I hope that I well be hape.

10 November 2008

This is Davis

This is Davis. Sometimes we call him Davey-Baby. More accurately sometimes I call him Davey-Baby.

Little Davis has awesome hair. I love the color and I love the curls in the back. In the past I have waited a long time before cutting my boys hair. I know I've said it before but Kai was able to say, "I am NOT a GIRL!" before I agreed to his first hair cut.

You see little Davis has more hair then Kai had at this age, so I am beginning to wonder if it is time. I'm not fully convinced though so I am going to put up a poll on my side bar.

I am not prepared to agree to the outcome of the poll, I'm just curious. If you really want to sway me one direction or the other, you should leave a persuasive comment on this post.

07 November 2008

Oh The Hair!!!

I've never known what to do with Chase's hair.  When it gets long I usually just buzz it in frustration.  I think the last time I buzzed him was a year ago

His hair was getting long again.  Way too long.  However, I didn't really feel comfortable shaving him bald right at the start of winter.  I figured I could get him a couple really nice hats but seeing as he is three there would be no guarantee that he would wear them.  

So I did the next best thing-- I sent him to the barber with his dad.  Apparently barbers know what to do with hair.  Who'd of thought . . . .

Yes.  Well.  As I was writing this post Chase decided to put gum in his hair and the gum retrieval operation wasn't exactly a success.  So much for that great hair cut.

Handmade For the Holidays

Every year I try to make my family handmade gifts.  I usually make one or two things, then give up because it's just too frustrating and time consuming.  But I vow that year will be different!! Maybe.  

I just placed an order for a bunch of yarn from Knitpicks.com in hopes of having a lot of time to knit.  But I do have a new addiction.  You see Michael made the mistake of getting me a new book called Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects.  Basically it is full of things to do with felted sweaters.  I love this book.  I have spent a lot of time at my local thrift store buying inexpensive wool sweaters to shrink and cut up because of this book.  

My first felted project was a vest for the boy.  I took a nice sweater, shrunk it, cut it up, sewed it back together in the form of a vest and then added a robot.  If you think that isn't the coolest thing ever-- you're wrong.

This book also has a very fun pattern for adult sized mittens. I decided to modify them to make a pair of mittens for Madison.  This was NOT a good idea.  They were really hard to sew together because they were small.  However, in the end I produced a decent pair of mittens.  

I had to add the dark blue band of felted ribbing to the inside of the gloves because the glove openings were too wide and would have let snow in.  They weren't perfect so I just gave them to her.  I'll have to make her something else for Christmas.  

05 November 2008

The Two Little Ones

I didn't get great pictures of halloween this year, but here are pictures of Chase and Davis in costume anyway.  

Chase was lighting McQueen

and Davis was a dog.

03 November 2008

Christmas is Coming

I love Halloween, but I'm glad its over.  Now its time to think about Christmas.  

Oh wait, there is that holiday called Thanksgiving that keeps popping up between Halloween and Christmas.  I don't cook though, so besides a few fall decorations, I don't spend a lot of time thinking about Thanksgiving. 

Basically, I'll take Christmas  over Thanksgiving any day.  All you get on Thanksgiving is thanks. I prefer presents.  The 5 Love Languages quiz agrees with me.  The Five Love Languages book taught me that I don't have to think of gifts as gifts, I can think of them as an investment in a relationship.  

Thanksgiving does remind me of my favorite Eddie Izzard clip.  However, be careful before playing this clip--  Eddie Izzard may be a fun loving transvestite, but he has been known to say a swear word or two.