14 September 2012

More Evidence That Chase is a Grumpy Old Man

When Chase saw that stores are starting to sell Halloween decor he told me he hated Halloween for the following four reasons,

He said, "One, you get too much candy. Two your bag gets too heavy. Three, you have to walk around all night carrying that heavy bag knocking on people's doors. Four, its a holiday mom--and I HATE holidays."

01 September 2012

Davis' First Day of Kindergarten

Davis started his first day of Kindergarten this week.

He's been looking forward to going to school all summer. So it makes sense that  he was pretty disappointed when he found out kindergarten was only a half day so he didn't need to take a lunch.

When we got to the school he got out of the van and said, "Bye mom, See you later!" And started walking off by himself. When I pointed out that he didn't know where his classroom was he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ehh. I'll figure it out." I went ahead and walked him in anyway.

When I picked him up after school he asked me if he could go to school every day. I think it went over pretty well.