22 December 2010

Things That Scare Me

Serial Killers
And Chase saying, "Mom I just created a new invention in the bathroom!"

21 December 2010

Snow Day

It snowed. A lot. In fact it is still snowing.

This morning Michael walked out the door with the intention of driving to work.  Instead he ended up shoveling the driveway and helping the neighbor get his car back in his garage after he attempted to go to work.  So Michael decided to work from home today and I decided the kids didn't need to attend the last day of school before winter break.  Besides it is only a half day.  

Madison had a school party to go to so she caught a ride with a neighbor who wasn't stuck.  When I told Kai to hunker down and prepare for some fun at home he cried.  HE CRIED!  What is it with my kids and school?  When I was in elementary school I told my mom our break started a WEEK before it actually did so I could get out of going to school.  I would have gotten away with it too if my friend hadn't told on me (I'm talking to you Jessie).  I told him most kids would be happy to miss school, "I'm not like those kids mom!  I love school!"  I kept him home anyway.

So to make the best of a bad situation they bundled up and got ready for some serious time in the snow.  Chase was even willing to wear a thermal shirt and snow pants.  I am learning that if you know the right price Chase can be bought.  Did I mention that he said I could cut his hair if  I gave him ice cream? That should happen later today.
Even though they had to miss school they had a blast in the snow.  Chase and Kai had a pretty serious snowball fight.

Kai made a very impressive snow angel.

And, because the snow came up to his waist, Davis spent most of his time trying to stay upright.

Maybe missing a little school isn't the worst thing that ever happened.

17 December 2010

The Boy Needs Pants

The boy needs pants.  And not size 5 either.  Nope.  He needs a 6 or 7 because he is GROWING out of the pants he's worn since kindergarten!  It's about stinking time.

08 December 2010

Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Kai (watching Madison do her math): Uhhhhh . . . does mom know you're cheating?
Madison: I'm not cheating.
K: You're using a calculator.
M: I know.
K: Sooooo . . . that's cheating.
M: No its not because my teacher said we can use them.
K: Do you just not know how to do the math problems on your own?
M: I know how!  She SAID we can use a calculator!
K: If you know how, then why do you need a calculator?
M: Because they are complicated and with out a calculator they would take FOREVER!
K: If you know how it shouldn't be complicated. 
M: It doesn't matter! She said we can use them so I'm not cheating!
K: Just because you CAN use them doesn't mean its not cheating.

05 December 2010

Decorating the Tree

Someday I'll have a big beautiful tree covered with pretty bulbs and fancy picks.  But right now I'm loving the charm of a tree that is covered in ornaments made with paper, salt dough, and pipe cleaners.

02 December 2010

Its a Thankless Job

Yesterday Madison gave Davis a Cheeto and asked, "Who's the best sister in the whole wide world?"  Davis just stared at her while he crunched. 

"You know, you don't have to say its me.  There are a lot of people who are sisters and I'd understand if you thought one of them was better than me.  But I am your sister.  Your only sister. " Nothing.

"I just think you should think about all of the things I do for you.  I give you piggy back rides, and I let you listen to my mp3 players, and I strap you in when we get in the car."  Still nothing.

"And, remember, I get you Cheetos!  So who's the best sister?" finally he spoke,  "Hmmm.  Can you give me more Cheetos?"