28 January 2009

Science Fair Update

Madison came  home with a second place ribbon and is already planning for next year.  

Though he didn't place Kai was proud of his ribbons too.

Man my kids are cute!

27 January 2009

The Science Fair

When I was in school I loved the science fair.  Spelling bee?  Not so much.  I never made it past the class round.   In fact I think I was usually the first one out.  In 3rd grade I was disqualified for spelling baby-sit without the hyphen.  I felt this was unfair because I thought babysit and baby-sit were both acceptable spellings.  Apparently not.  But really, if I'd stayed in that round I just would have been booted the next.  But the science fair, that was my thing.

I was in 4th grade in these pictures .  I grew plants under different colors of light and charted their growth.  I wasn't really sleeping either.  Mr. Gordon (in the above picture) thought it would be funny if I pretended to sleep.  I remember  this particular day because there was a boy named Jeremy behind me who kept crawling under the table.  I thought he was trying to look up my skirt but later found out he was really stealing all the gummy bears I had stashed there.   Jerk.

So if I loved the science fair so much as a kid, why . . . why . . . do I hate it so much now? 

Today is the science fair at Westridge.   Madison and Kai both did projects.  Madison made electromagnets with Michael and Kai and I grew salt crystals. I'll be going this afternoon to see how they are doing.  I might even make Madison pretend she is sleeping and snap a photo.  

Back to the question though.  Why do I hate the science fair?  I did not enjoy setting up the project, I did not enjoy helping him get his board together, and frankly I'm very concerned that Madison might have a nervous breakdown today.  Why do I think that?  Here is a sampling of the conversation we had in the car on the way to school this morning.

Madison:  Okay so I go straight to the gym, right?  Then I set up  my project and when the bell rings I check in at my class, right?
Me:  Yep.  That sounds good.  
Madison:  But what do I do if I finish setting up my project before the bell rings?
Me:  Then you wait for the bell to ring.
Madison:  But do I wait outside or do I wait in the gym?  Or if I finish setting up early should I go to class and check in early?
Me:  I don't think it really matters.
Madison:  But what if I go outside and I'm not supposed to, or stay in the gym and I'm not supposed to?
Me:  I really don't think you need to worry.  I am sure there will be people there to help you out.

When I dropped her off she was still worried.  Kai didn't have a care in the world but Madison was stressed.  Fortunately I didn't tell her about that fact that there are four doors to the gym and certain project numbers are supposed to enter through specific doors.  I think that bit of information might have sent her off the deep end.

24 January 2009

Where The Good Things Are

I haven't been fortunate enough to see Steven Colbert or Ellen like some people I know.  I'll be honest I was a little jealous of them .  But last Thursday it was their turn to be jealous!  A friend of mine was on Good Things Utah promoting her new business so some friends and I went to see her.  

There wasn't the witty banter of Steven Colbert or the awesome giveaways of one of Ellen's Christmas shows.  But there were big hot lights and metal bleachers!

We had one die hard Good Things Utah fan with us.  All she wanted was a picture of herself with the Good Things Utah girls at the Good Things Utah table.  Unfortunately it was not to be.  However in a strange twist I was able to sit and get my picture taken at the Good Things Utah table with the Good Things Utah girls.  It just didn't really seem fair as I'm not really a fan and never really watch the show, so Megan this is for you!

22 January 2009

It Is A Tie

So the hat and the jeans tied at nine votes each.  I suppose I'll have to make both.  This should make my father and my sister happy.  I hate it when those two start fighting over what I should knit.  Its just not right.

21 January 2009

Conversations With a 3 Year Old

Chase:  Brigham . . . Brigham . . . Brigham . . . . Brigham . . . Brriiiiiiiiiiighaaaaaaaam . . .
Brigham:  What?
Chase:  What's your name?
Brigham:  It's Brigham.
Chase: oh.

20 January 2009

Martin Luther King Jr

Early Monday morning the boy snuck in bed with me.  Everything was peaceful and quiet when he popped up and said, "HEY!  Today is Martin Luther King Day!"  I asked if he knew who Martin Luther King was and he told me that he was someone who wanted everyone to be able to ride the same bus and got shot for it.  I filled in some details and explained how important it is to stand up for what you know is right.  He listened and when I was done he said, "Ya, but do you know what the most important thing about Martin Luther King day is?  To eat healthy!  Oh and drink healthy too."   

I suppose I'll have to try again next year.

19 January 2009

Vote People!

Seriously!  There are only two days left to vote on the poll.  I only have 17 votes!  So if you haven't voted yet look at the baby boy knits and vote!  

17 January 2009

Not Again . . .

Davis got discharged from the hospital this morning.  We are very excited to be home . . .  and clean.  

For those who don't know Thursday morning my mom and I took Davis to the ER.  When we got there is blood sugar was 34 (normal range is 80 to 120) and his body temperature was 91.  They pumped him full of glucose and put those hand warmer things under his arms as well as covering him with heated blankets.  When they took his blood sugar again and it was 330, they went a little overboard with the glucose.  The 330 thing wasn't a big deal and at that point he was feeling well enough to drink 3 cups of apple juice and a can of Sprite.

He was there for two nights and like I said we came home this morning.  They still don't really know why his blood sugar dropped so low.  They should know more by Monday or Wednesday.  The current theory is that he got too cold Wednesday night because he soaked through his diaper.  Until they know for sure we have to feed him every four hours, which means waking him up in the middle of the night.  

I did find one very useful tool at the hospital.  

Its great for helping kids tell you how they are feeling.  I'm going to use it with Davis at home, but I am going to make one modification.    

Instead of the FACES Pain Rating Scale, I'm going to call it FACES Anger Rating Scale.  

0 = not mad
2 = mad a little bit
4= mad a little more
6= mad even more
8 = mad a whole lot
10=  watch out he might bite you.

So on a scale from 0 to 10, how mad do you think Davis is in this picture?

14 January 2009

Baby Boy Knits

Get ready for another poll.  I need to knit something for someone who is having a baby boy.  I have narrowed it down to these four items.  I am putting up a poll so vote for you favorite.

First:  The Poonam Sweater

Second: The Mushroom Rattle

Third:  The Brimmed Hat

Fourth: Baby Blue Jeans

13 January 2009

Did I Forget To Tell You That?

During the Christmas vacation a girl scratched my van while she was parking.  Fortunately she was a nice girl.  She waited and gave me her insurance info.  Her insurance company set us up with a body shop and a rental because it apparently takes four days to take a scratch out of a bumper.  Originally they wanted to put us in a sedan.  I said we don't fit in a sedan.  I don't drive a minivan because I think it makes me look cool.  

"Well how many kids do  you have?"

"I have four kids, one in a car seat and the other three are in boosters."  

"You have four kids?!!"

You know I hear that a lot-- but usually I'm saying it to myself.  I'll say, "I have four kids?!!!"  Then it is normally followed by, "What the Hell was I thinking?"

Yesterday I went to drop off the van and pick up the rental.  They were supposed to meet me at 9am.  Three phone calls and almost an hour after 9 they finally sent someone to get me and take me to the rental agency.  

Because of the inconvenience they decided to give me a free upgrade.  They moved me from a Dodge van to a Saturn SUV.  I'm not even going to talk about the fact that they upgraded me from a Dodge to a Saturn.  I was supposed to be happy because the Saturn has heated leather seats, blue tooth, and tells me when it's icy.  Not to mention that it looks shiny and new. 

But remember the four kids thing?  With two car seats in the middle and two car seats in back (the only way they will fit) I can't flip down the middle seat so that people can get into the back.  This means I have to open the trunk and throw kids in.  The best part is when they can't get their seat belts done up.  I, in all my four feet and eleven inches of glory, can't reach the seat belts in the back unless I'm in the back-- which means I get to climb in and out of the trunk too.  

Heated seats become less and less important as I squeeze my not so skinny behind in and out of the trunk.

12 January 2009

Mr. Edless is Complete

I finished Mr. Edless last night.  I love that name-- it's so fitting.  He looked a bit like a donkey until I got the mane on.  He is much more horse like now.

Here he is in all his glory.  Love him, hate him, I'm just excited I finally figured out short rows.

09 January 2009

I'm Going OUT!

After school Maddie came in and started flapping the arms of her coat right next to me.  The following conversation ensued.

Me:  Can you please stop that.  It's annoying.
Maddie:  Stop what?
Me:  The coat arm flapping.

Maddie stops and walks away.  A few minutes later . . .

Maddie:  Um sorry I didn't stop the first time because I didn't really understand what you were asking, but then I figured it out and stopped.
Me:  That's fine.  I appreciate that you stopped.
Maddie: So is it okay?
Me:  Is what okay?
Maddie:  Is it okay that I didn't stop the first time?
Me:  Yes.  It's fine.  I'm not mad.
Maddie:  Okay.  Thanks for appreciating it.
Me:  Huh?  Appreciating what?
Maddie:  Appreciating that I stopped.
Me:   You're welcome.
Maddie:  No really, thanks.
Me:  You're welcome.
Maddie:  Do you believe me?
Me:  Believe you about what?
Maddie:  Do you believe me that I'm grateful that you appreciated me stopping?
Me:  Yes.  I believe that you are grateful that I appreciated that you stopped.  However, I am finding this particular conversation slightly ridiculous.

Seriously.  I'm going out to dinner tonight with some friends.  I need to go out to dinner tonight with friends.  I may even order an appetizer.  

Its About Stinkin' Time

I have fantastic news.  

Chase is wearing underwear.  

I'm so happy I could cry.

06 January 2009

Let the 2009 Projects Begin

My number one project for 2009 is to finish unpacking the house.  We've almost lived here for two years and haven't finished unpacking.  In my defence I was 8 months pregnant when we moved.  Pregnancy and babies tend to make easy things hard, and hard things impossible.  But now I have no more excuses and its time to figure out what exactly is in those boxes in the pantry downstairs.  

My number two project is the bead board in the kitchen.  We attempted to complete the bead board several times in 2008 but something always happened.  Perhaps 2009 will be nicer to us.

Speaking of projects Mr. Edless is coming along nicely.  I had a couple run-ins with the short rows but I got the better of them eventually.

05 January 2009

Taking The Imaginary One Step Too Far

I love Utah, but I don't like winter.  More specifically I don't like snow.  Oddly enough I don't mind shoveling the driveway.  Don't misunderstand me, it isn't as if I wake up in the morning and think, "oh gee, I really hope I get to shovel today!"  It's just that I don't mind doing it if it needs to be done.  I think I don't mind because I get to count it as exercise and when I'm done I've accomplished more than making myself stinky and tired.  

Today Madison said she would keep an eye on the younger kids while I shoveled.  When I came in I found the baby in the high chair eating chips and salsa.  Kai and Madison also had chips and salsa and were diligently doing their homework.  Basically everyone was messy and happy-- except Chase.  Chase was upset.  Sob sob sob "hurt" sob sob "so sad" sob sob.  I asked Madison if he got hurt, "no" she said, "he just is upset because someone else got hurt and had to go to the hospital or something.  I don't really know what he's talking about."  I was intrigued.  I inquired further.  I found there had indeed been a horrible accident.

Apparently Tomater and an unnamed car ran off the road, possibly due to the snow, but more likely due to the fact that the road kind of disappears at the bottom of the hill. Fortunately the ambulance helicopter made it just in time and will be able to transport him to the hospital.  Regardless, Chase is still upset.