31 August 2009

Here's Hoping

The gastroenterologist called with the boy's test results this morning. She said that Kai does not have celiac but he is allergic to gluten. So hopefully if we keep him off gluten he should start to grow and have less abdominal pain. Because it's an allergy he may grow out of it-- yeah! But for now, as soon as he eats the peanut butter and jelly sandwich he took for lunch he is officially back off gluten.

27 August 2009

I'll Keep That in Mind

I'm not a fan of crowds. The only thing that makes crowds worse is trying to keep track of your kids in a crowd. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, but I will say that next time the school has a carnival I won't jokingly ask my sister-in-law to grab Chase if she sees him wandering around lost. When it really happens it isn't as funny. But hey at least we worked out a game plan in advance, right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, it hasn't been a great day (to say the least) and when I was trying to get the kids to come down off their carnival high and get pajamas on I may have gotten a little upset at one or two of them.

Once everything calmed down and people were pretty much where they were supposed to be, sweet little quiet Chase came up to me and said this:

"Mom. I love you. But I don't love it when you get mad at me, or Davis, or Kai, or Madison. We're just kids. Okay?"

I do tend to forget that sometimes.

Meet Noah

The boy has one really really good friend. His name is Noah and they met in kindergarten. If you spend five minutes with Noah you'll know why he and my boy are such good friends.

This is Noah.

In his hand he is holding a Potato Bug with lots and lots of little Potato Bug babies. Here's a closer look . . . .

The two boys were fascinated and kept saying, "awww . . . they're so cute . . . " While I simply resisted the urge to vomit because it was disgusting. Really. Truly. Disgusting.

26 August 2009

The Big City

We took the boy to the beautiful Salt Lake City for his endoscopy yesterday and it was everything he imagined it would be. When I asked him if Salt Lake's beauty had met his expectations he told me, "it was even a little more prettier." He might need to get out more.

At the hospital the hair was a hit-- one of the nurses even told him he was the cutest kid she'd seen all day. What more can you ask for?

While she was telling him about how he was going to fall asleep, the nurse gave Kai a matching mask to put on his puppy.

He was pretty excited about the whole thing until someone mentioned the tube they were going to put down his throat. Until he heard that he'd been raving about the how comfy everything was. The bed was comfy, the thing they stuck on his finger was comfy, he even said the blood pressure arm cuff was comfy. In an attempt to ease his fears they said he'd be asleep and wouldn't even know. But he didn't really feel better until they promised to give him a red slushy when he woke up.

The whole thing was very quick. He was only gone 30 minutes before they came and got us to be there when he woke up. Even though he was pretty spacey he managed to remind them that he was promised a red slushy. They also gave him a bag of Cheetos which he managed to eat like a chain smoker-- one after another without stopping. Considering it was 3pm and he hadn't eaten all day, it wasn't all that surprising.

The doctor said everything looked fine (she even sent him home with pictures to prove it). She said she'll have the results from the biopsies on Monday and that is when we'll find out about the celiac and other possible allergens.

So far so good . . . .

24 August 2009

Oh The Places We Go

Did I tell you that Madison is riding her bike to school now? She rode her bike to school for the first time on Friday. Don't tell Madison but after I dropped the boy off I drove by her school to make sure her bike was there. It was.

If you think that's paranoid you should meet my mother. When I was in fourth grade she made me hold the neighbors hand as I crossed the street on our way home from school. So as far as overly protective goes I think driving by her school to make sure she wasn't kidnapped on the way is pretty minor.

Tomorrow the boy goes in for his endoscopy. I told him we would be going to Salt Lake City and he said, "OH! Salt Lake City?! I've never been there! BUT I've heard its really pretty. Just like my teacher is really pretty."

I'm not sure what I find more amusing, the fact that he thinks we've never been to Salt Lake or his obsession with how pretty his new teacher is.

20 August 2009

Four's My Lucky Number

Last night when Madison started her fourth season of soccer she'd never made a goal. However, during last nights game she made not one, not two, but . . . .

THREE goals! In fact one of the goals she made off the goalie's face. I told her I was proud of her and she said, "Thanks, but I'm not really surprised because it's my fourth season and four is my lucky number."

Fourth season, four goals (I think the one off the goalie's face should count double), and fourth grade. It's bound to be a good year.

19 August 2009

Three Down . . . .

Chase hasn't officially started school yet, but he did get to meet one of his preschool teachers today.

Not surprisingly he wore Levi's and a John Deere shirt. He also refused to open his eyes for any of the pictures. Again, not surprising. In fact the only slightly surprising thing was when he decided to top his outfit off with a gold crown. Did I mention that he likes to yell, "I am the king of GODS!" while wearing this crown?

Fortunately I was able to talk him into leaving the crown in the car while we met his teacher. Unfortunately, he decided to do his own hair this morning and used most of the hair gel in the process. But I suppose that's just the kind of thing the king of Gods would do.

And They're Off!

That's right. It's the first day of School.

Here she is, my little girl, ready to start her first day of fourth grade. Even though she is starting a new grade at a new school she says she isn't nervous-- though I suspect she is.

This year she's going to school with a super smart, some might even say nerdy, group of kids. At back to school night one of the parents asked how much reading the kids were required to do each night. The teacher responded with, "We don't have a reading requirement because we've never needed to persuade this group of kids to read."

Oh and yes, I realize that outfit B won the poll and she is wearing outfit A. Madison asked your opinion and then did something else. Welcome to my world people. Welcome to my world.

But seriously she's adorable.

And now on to the boy!

I told him he can't wear red spikes to school, so in memory of his red spikes he wore a shirt with a guy who has a red Mohawk. You can't see it in the picture very well because he is wearing his pinstriped vest over it.

On the way to school he told me he was nervous. When I asked him what he was nervous about, he said, "Everything." Oddly enough, I suspect he'll be just fine.

18 August 2009

Better Late Than Never

School starts tomorrow. The girl and boy spent a good chunk of the afternoon laying out clothes for the first three days of school. I spent a good chunk of the afternoon trying to explain that even though it may be cool, you can't wear red spikes to school.

We also had this conversation . . .

Boy: "My teacher is going to LOVE me."
Me: "Really? Is it because you're going to be so well behaved?"
Boy: "Uh . . . NO. It because I'm sooo cool."

If nothing else, I've managed to instill a healthy dose of confidence in him.

13 August 2009

I'm Good.

Even though I'm lacking motivation today I managed to convince the boy to unload the dishwasher. I think that makes today a success.

10 August 2009

Happy Birthday

This is one of my favorite pictures of the boy. It was taken about a week after he turned three. Today he turns 7. In honor of this occasion I am going to tell you 7 of my very favorite things about him.

1. The kid's got style.

2. He is always up for a snuggle.

3. You're most likely to find him in the non-fiction section of the library.

4. He wanted a cardigan for his birthday.

5. He has no idea he is half the size of the other kids his age.

6. He won't field third base because because once he saw a bug there.

7. He is on a first name basis with the mailman.

Happy birthday buddy.

08 August 2009

Just in the Nick of Time

Just when I was thinking the summer hadn't been long enough the boy handcuffed the girl to a folding table and lost the key.

So yeah . . . school starts pretty soon and I'm pretty okay with that.

06 August 2009

Baby Bum

When I was taking pictures of Madison the other day Davis got jealous and insisted I take this picture of his bum. If you've got it, flaunt it. Right?

Also, as a point of interest my friend is doing a giveaway on her blog. She just started up a new business making very cute sweaters and hair accessories. You should all check it out and enter the giveaway. www.sweetersweater.blogspot.com

04 August 2009

Because Its Been a While

I haven't had a poll in a while so when Madison couldn't decide what to wear for her first day of school, I knew it was time.

So with out further ado here is my new poll (vote on the side bar).

Which outfit do you think Madison should wear on her first day of school?

I believe that you can click on the picture to see them a little bigger.

*Here is a basic run down of the outfits:

Outfit A:
This outfit combines her beloved skull shirt, a cute white 80s style mini skirt, with over the knee black and pink socks and white skater sneakers.

Outfit B:
In this outfit she paired a classic black tee with a fun green tutu skirt, striped knee highs and the white skater sneakers.

Outfit C:
This outfit features a girly baseball tee, the tutu skirt, worn butterfly jeans, and her super fun flower Docs.

Outfit D:
Again we see the classic black tee, but now it is paired with a more basic black and red plaid skirt. She still hasn't picked out shoes for this particular outfit.

*Much to the chagrin of my budding fashionista I'm not up on my fashion lingo. Please take that in to account as you read these descriptions.

03 August 2009

The Beginning of The End

Someones (I don't want to point fingers, but it wasn't mine) Rock Star Energy Drink exploded in the mini fridge because it was too close the the freezer. I saw the frozen slushy mess this morning as I got myself a Dr. Pepper.

It's been one of those morning so instead of cleaning it right away I just shut the fridge door and walked off. When I returned later to clean up the mess I found Davis sitting in front of the fridge licking the last bit of Rock Star slush from his cute little fingers.

The rest of the day should be pretty interesting. I'm planning on taking the kids to the library this afternoon. You might want to steer clear of the entire downtown area.