30 September 2009

Two Bits of Very Good Advice

This morning while Chase was getting ready for school he said, "Yesterday my teacher said, 'Color in the lines and stop touching your neighbor.'" Such wisdom!

And I know I haven't been posting regularly. If you think I've been slacking off here you should see the pile of laundry I have yet to fold.

23 September 2009

21 September 2009

18 September 2009

Perhaps I Just Don't Understand

I just got an email with this new knitted hat pattern. Its called the Champagne Fizz Hat. I think you'd have to drink a lot of champagne before wearing this hat in public. Even the model is thinking, "What the hell is on my head!"

16 September 2009

Its Like Night and Day

Before the boy started kindergarten I asked Madison's old teacher if she thought we should put him in or wait a year (his birthday is in August so we weren't really sure what to do.) She said, "Well, if he is ANYTHING like his sister put him in-- he'll be just fine!" I laughed and I put him in kindergarten (in her class). Not long after school started she came up to me and said, "You know, he's not very much like his sister." Nope. He's not.

A few weeks ago we went to see a skateboarding demonstration downtown. The boy was on one side of me and the girl was on the other. The girl pulled my arm and in shock said, "NONE of them are wearing helmets." While the boy said, "Man, I wish dad had let me bring my scooter! I'd be out there showing them a thing or two!" Which, incidentally, is why he wasn't allowed to bring his scooter.

15 September 2009

13 September 2009

Two Years Baby!

On this day two years ago I wrote my first blog post. It was also about a first--the boy's first black eye.

I know there are some people out there who read my blog but don't comment (Tamara-- I'm talking about people like you) so to celebrate my two years of blogging and hopefully bring some of these people out of the woodwork I will tempt you with a scarf.

First off I love love love this scarf and its red and blue variegated loveliness. The pictures don't do it justice.

So if you'd like to win this scarf leave a comment on this post. You'll have two weeks to comment. I'll announce the winner on Monday the 28th, first thing in the morning.

11 September 2009

No Bread For You

As you know, the boy is back on a gluten free diet and we are still trying to find good gluten free bread. Michael bought a loaf at a local market that he thought was promising so the boy has been taking pb&j to school on the new bread this week. While cleaning out his lunch box I've noticed that the sandwiches are left mostly untouched. Today I asked him what he thought of his sandwich and he said, "Um. I liked it. Well actually . . . it was kind of medium. I mean it was mostly disgusting." Then he said, "Besides, there is a girl who sits next to me and she says there is NO SUCH THING as gluten free bread! And she would know because her grandpa is a farmer. So I just told her that I was on a wheat free diet and THEN I had to explain what a diet was."

10 September 2009

We Have a Very Bad Cat

I have decided that this year Davis is going to be a cat for Halloween. I realize some of you may think that is a sissy costume, but I didn't ask you.

Davis pretends to be a cat all day and all night. I was tempted to squirt him with a spray bottle when he tried to lick and scratch my arms but that was nothing compared to when he ate a hole in the sleeve of his pajamas. He seems pretty into it, so I may as well go with it.

It is probably time I start asking my other kids what they want to be for Halloween. Some years I make their costumes and some years I buy their costumes. It really all depends on my mood. Currently, I'm leaning toward buying their costumes. But that's probably because right now I want to take a nap.

04 September 2009


Did you know that the Costco sized box of corn dogs are now individually wrapped?

Now when I want make a couple corn dogs for the two little boy's lunch I don't have to worry about the others getting freezer burn.

These are the little things that make life sunnier.

You see this is what happens when you have children. You blog about corn dogs and how kids can only manage to flush the toilet when someone is in the shower.

01 September 2009

Morning Preschool Starts

Mr. Chase started morning preschool on Monday. He had morning and afternoon preschool last year too and I swore I wouldn't put him in both again . . . but here we are.

I think they have new bus drivers this year. On Monday His bus pulled up to our house at 9:05 (school stars at 9:00) and after Chase got on the driver asked, "so how do I get out of here?"

On Tuesday the driver who brings him home called and asked if she was supposed to bring Chase home. When I told her she was, she told me she was asking because she didn't know where he was, and then said, "well . . . I guess I'll go look for him." And YES, that freaked me out. Remember I'm the person who checked to make sure Madison's bike was at school the first time she rode it. Fortunately, Chase did make it home on Tuesday-- he was even ten minutes early.

Each child in his morning preschool class was given a backpack. They had been donated by Costco and they all looked exactly the same. I didn't want Chase grabbing some other kids bag, or some other kid grabbing Chase's bag, so I went to JoAnns and bought a patch to sew on to his bag so he would know it was his.

Because I tend to leave somethings for the last minute I sewed the patch on his bag Sunday night and told him I had a surprise for him Monday morning.

Me: "Look Chase, I put a race car on your backpack!"
Chase: "Thanks mom!"

Chase (a few minutes later): "Mom, next time you have a surprise for me can it be a toy motorcycle man?"