04 November 2011

That IS Tricky

Davis: "Mom, are we going to preschool yet?"
Me:  "Nope.  Not for another couple of hours."
D: "Lets just go now and wait in the car."
M: "No, because we'd have to wait in the car for three and a half hours."
D: "I don't care."
M: "I do."
D: "Listen.  If you don't take me right now, I'm going to change my phone number so that is REALLY tricky.  And you'll NEVER get it. Like 22882 but its a really a 9. Get it?"
M: "Not really."
D: "Yeah.  I told you. That's because it so tricky."

01 November 2011

Halloween 2011

I already wrote about Madison's costume.  But here's another picture--just because.

She told me she's not sure if she wants to go as a dead ballerina or candy corn next year. I asked, "Go WHERE?" Next year she'll be in Junior High and I'm pretty sure that's the trick-or-treating cut off.  I'll probably end up making that dead ballerina costume anyway because, remember, she gets invited to parties now.

Kai went as a wizard. The first picture is how I told him to pose and the second how he thinks a wizard should pose. Apparently he thinks wizards are like rappers.

For the robe, I had him lay down on both pieces of material (the black with stars and silver lining) and cut around him in the shape I wanted.  Then I sewed up the seams.  I call this the Disney princess version of sewing. Then I took an old witches hat from a previous costume and covered it in fabric left over from Madison's skirt.  I stuffed the top with tinfoil so it would stand up the way I wanted it to. The staff is a stick with painted rocks wired to the top.  It was pretty heavy and got to be a pain to carry. We probably should have made the rocks out of Styrofoam.  

Chase doesn't do Halloween and told me he didn't want a costume, so I didn't make him one.  But one night last week as Michael and I were putting the finishing touches on the other costumes, Chase started grabbing left over supplies and made himself an elephant costume.

Unfortunately, or fortunately--depending on your point of view, when it came time to go to the ward Halloween party he ditched his elephant costume and just went as Chase.

Don't worry, if he'd decided to wear his elephant costume I would have made him put on some pants.
This is Chase as Chase--cowboy shirt, bolo tie, gray mouse in the front pocket.

Anytime someone suggested he was dressed up like a cowboy he would get upset and say, "NO. I'm just Chase."

The boy really doesn't like Halloween.  I had to pick him up from school early on Halloween because he didn't want to be in (or even have to see) the Halloween parade, eat the special Halloween lunch, or have anything to do with the class Halloween party.  He told me that Halloween is ruining his life.

So instead of trick-or-treating he chilled at Grandma's house and was plenty spoiled. So much so that the other kids are contemplating skipping trick-or-treating for a night with Grandma next year.

And last but, if you've spent anytime with Davis at all you'd know, certainly not least, Davis decided he wanted to be a robot for Halloween.

Michael took this one on.  He took a garbage can and created a robot costume complete with blinking lights and beeps.

I covered it with tinfoil and made the hat--which should be obvious because it has hearts on it. However, the hat got to be too much, and after two houses it came off never to be worn again.

Happy Halloween!!