11 July 2012

A Little Snark for Your Morning

Davis: "I didn't want you to pour my cereal WIDE I wanted you to pour it TALL!"
Madison: "I can't pour cereal tall. It doesn't work that way."
Davis: "Yes you can!"
Madison: "Apparently you don't understand physics."
Davis: "Yes I do understand physics! I do!"
Madison: "Really? What is it?"
Davis: "Okay FINE! I don't understand PHYSICS! Do you feel better now?"
Madison: "Pretty much."

09 July 2012

Back to the Grind

On our way home from our trip to Disneyland (more on that later) we saw a double rainbow.

And I'm sorry but I just can't resist . . .

Enough about that. Way back in March I told you I was going to start a new venture and guess what--I have. It is an online magazine called called KNACKMagazine. You can find us at (drum roll please) KNACKMag.com!

I started it with two good friends, I know, I know, I have been told this is a bad idea more than once, but I did it anyway. We have our first issue up and you should check it out partly because it has awesome downloadable patterns, and partly because it has amazing articles (don't worry I didn't write them so they should be grammatically correct) but mostly because the cover picture is of me as a little kid in a homemade wonder woman costume. 

But seriously check it out.