15 May 2012

Another Rousing Program

This morning was the boy's orchestra concert. I went early to get a good seat because I wanted to finally get a good picture of him playing his violin.

Unfortunately, he's short.

But I managed to a great shot of the tip of his bow

and a nice shot of his toes

and a fantastic shot of his shoulder.

Here's looking forward to next year.

11 May 2012


Davis: Mom whats the name of that guy who controls the weather?
Me: Do you mean the weather man? The guy on T.V.?
Davis: No. The guy who like makes the weather and controls it and stuff.
Me: Are you talking about Mother Nature?
Davis: NO! Its a GUY.  And he like makes stuff and is in charge and everything.
Me: God? Are you talking about God?
Davis: YES! God! He really shouldn't have made wind. I don't like it.

08 May 2012

Madison is 12

Madison turned 12 on the 4th. I'm not sure when that happened but it did. But let's just be clear--she may be getting older but she's still a kid.

Mike: Madison, did you know that your birthday is on Star Wars Day?
Madison: Well all day the boys in my class were like, "May the fourth be with you!" and I knew that was like what they say on Star Wars so that makes sense but the whole time I was like, "you could say that any day of the month because every month has a fourth" but I was thinking about that because earlier this week when we were talking about the field trip we were going to take she was all like, "We're going on May 4th and that's Star Wars day--May the Fourth be with you!!" So I realized, yeah, its like May and May, so of course it would be Star Wars day because you can't just do that in April or March or whatever. It doesn't really work. So we ended up going on Star Wars day and now I get it.
Mike: So . . . yes?
Madison: Wait . . . Did you ask me a question?

So yeah she's still a kid.