23 November 2010

A Few Missed Moments

I was going through pictures today and realized there are a lot of things I was going to blog about that I just never did.  Here are some of them.

This year we went bowling and Davis' bowling ball took so long to get to the pins that he literally had time to sit down and watch it roll.

On the first day of kindergarten I wrote "I ♥ Chase" on the napkin I put in Chase's lunch box.  He was NOT happy.  In fact he took the napkin out of his lunch box and ripped it into tiny pieces.  So like every other loving mother I put a new "I ♥ Chase" napkin in his lunch box everyday until he stopped complaining.  When he stopped I stopped.  Then one morning he said, "mom, you know how you used to put that you loved me in my lunch box?  I liked that." 

I took this picture at the Big Red Barn and I love it.  Its just so typical of Madison.  All the little boys are off messing around instead of waiting for the hay ride back to the barn.  But Madison is right where she's supposed to be with her pumpkin in her lap. 

This is the last picture I have of the boy before they put in his NG tube.  I miss that face.

12 November 2010

Yes It's Been a While . . .

. . .  but I've been very busy doing things like starting fires while trying to make rice crispy treats.  There really are good reasons I've been banned from the kitchen.

We've decided to take a weekend off and went to Vegas to visit some awesome friends.  After a great weekend eating amazing food, playing games, and swimming in a slightly chilled pool, we were not all that excited to return to cold rainy Utah.

Even the playgrounds are better in Vegas.