07 May 2008

My Secret Admirer

Last night around 2am I got one of my few truly anonymous comments. And I’m so proud I’m going to share it with you.

Wow! You're just...like...so edgy and original and cool and rebellious and anti-establishment!

And yet...uhhh...you named your kid....ummm...wait for it... 'Madison'...lol. Why not 'Dakota' or 'Savannah'?

. . . . You can find the rest of the comment here.
Just a few weeks ago one of my neighbors told me I was hip, and now some anonymous admirer is telling me I’m edgy and original! Imagine that! Hip, edgy and original! Now I can die happy.

At first I disagreed with the “rebellious and anti-establishment” part, but then got to thinking and realized, “hey this person might be right! I’m really am rebellious and anti-establishment!” So for all of you who think I’m not here are two reasons you are wrong

1. I signed the girl up for soccer. I know that doesn’t seem rebellious, but at each soccer game I made the girl wear the other team's jersey color. Sure it was a little confusing, but I enjoyed its pure rebellious awesomeness!

2. I plan on voting for Ron Paul. I don’t really know anything about him or his campaign, but I love to say, “Ron Paul REVO LUUUTION!” Just try and tell me that isn’t anti-establishment.

My admirer goes on to ask a compelling question, why did I name the girl Madison? Why not Dakota or Savannah? Well, I wanted to name her Darcy or Jane, you know, something really edgy. But the husband said that was just too over the top for him. We compromised by naming her Madison, but in order to edge it up a bit, we spelled it Mad666ison. The 666 is silent.

At this point my admirer goes on to use the “b” word. My friends and family frequent this blog (I did put it up for them after all) and because they aren’t used to that kind of foul language, I didn't want to quote the whole comment in this post.

However, in the end my admirer says, "Shame you had to inflict your bitterness on another innocent generation. But I guess that's your 'right'."

I assume the commenter is referring to my children. But then said commenter did use the word "innocent" so maybe not. Did s/he see this picture of the boy I posted on the sidebar?

That aside, I'm going to have to defer to my two law friends on this one. So, Smash . . . Marc . . . is it my right to inflict bitterness on an innocent generation? Because if it is I've got to get going, I'm wasting time as we speak!

Thanks for the comment! Love you all!

Home-During-The-Prom-Girl (aka Beth)


jan f said...

You were home during the prom? Why did I spend all that money on a dress?

Kacy said...

Maybe she stayed home from the prom to read blogs and leave rude anonymous comments. . . oh wait, no. That wasn't her.

Anonymous said...

I can only wish I was cool and edgy enough to have "anonymous" leave a bitter message on my blog.

I'll name my first 3 children Dakota, Savannah, and Madison, if that what it takes. Regardless of gender.

Michelle said...

You know how you had to put on the word verification to keep from getting spam? Looks like you need another filter for stupid people. Maybe some kind of fill-in-the-blank quiz.

If you can't say something ___, don't say anything at all.
A nice
B intelligent
C funny
D any of the above

CarrieAnne said...

I think she DID stay home during Prom..but maybe it wasn't YOUR home?

I can see why a girl would need a dress for that. She's got to establish a story doncha know.

Beth said...

Alright I think it's time I set the record straight on the prom.

I did in fact attend my Junior prom. I did not attend my Senior prom but that is only because the catholic girl school I was attending at the time, didn't have a neighboring catholic boys school they could hold a prom with.

Otherwise I am sure I would have gone and been pronounce Prom Queen. Because I am just that edgy and cool. I have to sign off now because I'm on my way to officially change my name to Dakota.

Succubus and Saint said...

Hey,, I stayed home from Prom (and watched National Geographic videos) I resent all these comments about "stay home from prom" ..It really brings up some sensitive feelings. And by the way I AM NOT BITTER!!!

Christian F said...

You *may* have gone to the prom, but you have to admit that she was dead on about Emo.

Juliette said...

What a nasty thing to say! I hope you don't allow his/her bitterness and insecurities to affect you. As for me, I think you're being true to yourself, and that's what I love about you.

Jim F. said...

Obviously "anonymous" can't read, so he or she doesn't get irony.

Beth said...

S&S-- If this taught you anything, I hope its that you realize NO ONE else is as cool as me.

Christian-- Well that's depressing I thought I'd kept me Emo obsession pretty well hidden. Was it the tight pants that tipped you off?

Neil said...

It's OK Beth, I didn't go to my Senior prom either. Mike never asked me...

Jessie said...

WOW, really? . . .Really??

Smash said...

My official legal opinion: Yes. You have a 14th Amendment Liberty interest in raising your children however you want to. The right was established by a series of cases, but was articulated most recently by the Supreme Court in Troxel v. Granville.

My official personal opinion: it's not only a RIGHT, but a DUTY.

Also, I have gotten many of these types of hater comments on my blog over the years. I think you've done the right thing by mocking him/her with sarcasm. At least, that's how I usually handle the situation.

Beth said...

Neil-- Wow. You're going to have to talk to Mike about that,

Jessie-- Which part surprises you so much? The fact that I'm Emo? Can we still be friends?

Smash-- I knew it! It feels good to have the law behind me. Oh sometimes I'm tempted to write rude anonymous comments on your blog, just so I can read you're mocking. They're classics.

Beth said...

smash-- For example you might mock someone for using the word you're when they should have used, your. Ya. Nice. Did I mention I never graduated from High School?

NG said...

I find it most fascinating that the person found it necessary to comment on a seven month old post.

Neil said...

@ Beth I guess I should do that. Love the blog, you're witty humor and sarcasm is the reason why my daughter will need to meet you someday. That way I can ensure that I will be forever tortured by her. Did Mike tell you that we're 8 months pregnant? Brooklynn ring a bell? We need to catch up.

Beth said...

Neil- Of course I knew! I read your blog! I've seen pictures of the nursery and everything!

Beth said...

ng- I found that odd too. But considering the person stumbled across my blog using the search terms "I hate parents" I figure s/he started out in a bad mood and needed a good vent.