16 May 2008

A Weeks Worth

Monday I took Davis to the doctor for a weight check. This was not very fun.

Tuesday Madison fell off the monkey bars at school and hurt her foot. I wasn't there, but I can't imagine it was fun.

Wednesday I took Madison to the doctor to look at her foot. I also took her to the hospital for an x-ray. This took forever. We were stuck in construction traffic, it was hot, and not very fun.

Thursday I took Davis to the doctor because he had a high fever and I suspected he had an ear infection. Was this trip to the doctor fun? No. Strange? To say the least.

Thursday is the other doctor's day. We rarely see this doctor. In fact we have tried to avoid him ever since he rubbed Michael's back and said, "Lets hope Madison sleeps better tonight, Daddy."

So yesterday I found myself in a small room with four kids waiting for the doctor to check Davis's ears. While we were waiting Chase kept going into the corner right behind the door in order to hold nonsensical conversations with a grover who is painted on the wall. Kai was wired--really wired. Davis was sick, crying, and generally pathetic. Madison was quietly knitting-- I love that girl.

The doctor slowly opened the door and said he thought he heard someone talking behind it. It was Chase and Grover. As soon as the doctor saw Chase he put his hands together as if to pray, then bowed. Chase ignored him and went back to his conversation with Grover. The doctor turned and told me he thought Chase was growing into a beautiful little girl who spoke very well for how long she'd been here. I figured if he was impressed with Chase's 3 year old English he'd be really impressed with how well Davis is doing--only 11 months and saying "da da." His accent is spot on too.

He sat down to look at Davis and said, "It's Davis right?" I shook my head. "Well David let's look in your ears." He looked in Davis's ears then looked at me. "Her ears are beautiful. " In less than a minute he went from Davis to David to Her. Perhaps I should stop putting the little boys in dresses.

Before we left he gave each of the kids a new box of crayons. Chase immediately ripped the box open and sent 24 crayons flying around the office. As Madison and the P.A. scrambled to pick them up the doctor turned to me and said, "You wanna know something funny about those crayons? They're made in China."


Juliette said...

What a funny week. What funny kids. What a funny doctor. What a funny story. Like I mentioned before you could make money writing these funny stories!

CarrieAnne said...

*I* would not pay for this story. It a "why buy the cow" thing.

(I just called you a cow. Huh. Sorry. It was for purely analigiacal reasons.)

Chase is growing into a beautiful Chinese girl. You should buy her a geisha outfit and make her stand on the corner. That way she can appeal to the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and you might even get on Dateline. *BONUS*

I think *that* would impress the doctor!

vigues said...

Hmm, maybe i should change doctors. The worst mine do is mistake my nearly naked baby girl for a boy--and let's be honest, with a name like sheridan and hair that still not long, it's something anyone could do.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a medical explanation why that doctor is so ditzy and confused.

He's been smoking crack.

Alice said...

What a way to spend your 30th birthday, boo.

Well Happy Birthday anyway, Lizard. xoxo

jessie said...

at least it was a birthday to remember? or forget :)

Succubus and Saint said...

I have a great doctor/clinic I can recommend. I dont' think any of the doctors there are so ditzy. Happy birthday...I bet you are so sick of the doctor after his week huh? I hope you were pampered for your birthday other than that.

Beth said...

Davis and I went back to the doctor on Friday. Friday is our regular doctor's day. He felt bad that we had to come 4 out of 5 days that week and refunded my copay.

I think I should mention that the doctor we saw on Thursday was my doctor when I was a kid. He had teenagers then which means he's no spring chicken now. He has always been a bit strange, my dad wouldn't go with us because he thought he was too much like Mr. Rogers.

I am sure he is a fine doctor, but I don't think he age has improved his strange behaviors.

James said...

So your dad didn't want to go but thought it would be a great idea to send you?