20 May 2008


I love T-Ball.

In T-Ball all the kids get to hit the ball every inning, even if it takes them a few swings to do it. Once they have all hit the inning is over.

Everyone gets to run around the bases. When one of them is "technically" out (which has yet to happen) they still stay on base.

It often takes the little kids a while to get the ball after it has been hit. During this time the runner goes crazy. The kids are always stealing bases and hitting home runs. Nothing is better than seeing a 5 year old beam after hitting a home run.

Because no one keeps score you can cheer for both teams.

The best part? Each team only gets two innings. Before you know it the game is over and you're off eat lunch.


CarrieAnne said...

You let Kai play a game where they HAND OUT bats?!?

Good luck with that.

(Why isn't there T-Ball for adults?)

Michael said...

There is tee ball for adults Carrieanne. I'll make some calls, I bet I can get you in.
Tee Ball July 12th.

vigues said...

That sounds like a WAY better sport than baseball, which I'm praying my kids never ever ever ever want to play. Seriously, a much more doable sport. I so dread that "kids playing sports" phase, since I really only like to watch basketball and football, and I sure don't think either of my kids will have the body mass to play football (which is my favorite), nor would I really want them trying to kill other kids in football. But Tball, now there's a sport I could get behind!

vigues said...

And, hey, Michael, it was nice of you to let carrieanne in on your sport, what with that being your moment of glory every July and all.

Michelle said...

You could give a whole RS lesson based on Tball. Truly an inspired game. And rooting for both sides is the best part. (Well, seeing how proud they are of themselves is the best part, but getting to root for everybody helps.)

Michelle said...

Oh, and did I mention THAT'S ONE CUTE KID?! What a great picture.

CarrieAnne said...

Mike are you teasing me about the TBall thing? Cause I'm SO THERE!!

NG said...

I don't remember the everyone gets to hit rule or the no one is out rule... or even the we don't keep score rule. T-ball sounds way better than when I was a kid!