28 May 2008

There's a Spoon in My Wall

I like to watch nerdy shows. Some of the nerdy shows I enjoy most are Mythbusters, Cash Cab, and Antiques Road Show. Last night I spent an hour watching a documentary on synchronized swimming-- I'll save that for another blog.

I also like to watch History Detectives and This Old House. For a while I was even a little obsessed with History Detectives. Once I thought about skipping church to watch a History Detective marathon. I went to church, but I made Michael tape it and spent the next two weeks watching episodes in bed at night.

Back when we had cable I watched a show that combined the two-- it was awesome. Unfortunately, I have forgotten what it was called, or what channel it was on. TLC maybe?

Anyway, they would go to old homes and discover the history behind the house. Fantastically exciting? Oh, I know. I would have totally skipped church to watch a marathon of that. Sadly that opportunity never arose.

In this show the owner inevitably found random things in the walls while restoring or remodeling the home. They would find shoes, shirts, money, toys, knives, guns . . . you name it.

I always wondered how the devil these things got in the wall! It never made sense to me. But see, I don't think I had as many kids then. Now we have 2 or 3 dollars worth of change in our bedroom door, and then
yesterday Davis found this. He also found that it gives you direct access to the inside of the wall! Among other things (crayons, pencils, erasers) there is now a spoon in my wall.

If I see him trying to stuff one of my shirts in there, I'm going to be really mad.


Juliette said...

You DO watch nerdy shows! I have always wondered if there are dead bodies in our walls. I know, kind of morbid. I guess I've read too many murder mysteries...

NG said...

Oooo! I LOVE that show. It's called "If Walls Could Talk" on HGTV.


Fellow Nerdy Show Watcher

vigues said...

I also got a little sucked into the synchronized swimming documentary. It was a little weird. I too am a big fan of mythbusters, this old house, and if walls could talk. I miss HGTV.

Beth said...

NG--YES! Thats the one! I should have guessed you'd know that.

Vigues-- You watch the synchronized swimming documentary?! Oh, we'll have to get together and talk.

Succubus and Saint said...

Well, those shows aren't my thing, but I would still skip church to watch them. I am always looking for opportunities to skip church...or at least get out of subbing in primary.