12 May 2008

Passing on the Addiction

This is my dad with his first coke.

This is my dad giving Davis his first coke.


Juliette said...

He does not stand a chance! That's pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

Beth failed to mention that the Coke bottle still has the cap on it in the newer picture!

Beth said...

Dad, I mean "anonymous", maybe the Coke bottle still has the cap on in BOTH pictures! First you just accept the bottle, then you embrace the drink.

CarrieAnne said...

I don't like the idea that your dad is getting Anakin all Coked out like that.

I am so disgusted that I have nothing more to say on the subject.

Except this next bit. It's very edgy of you to let him do that to your kid..and then to document it by taking a picture...you better not get that printed out anywhere around here. The photo place may just call your bishop.

Beth said...

CA- I agree, if he's going to drink, it should be Dr. Pepper.