14 May 2008

Life's Little Moments

The following is a conversation Madison and I had while waiting at the hospital to x-ray her foot

Madison: What does DOB: 5/4/00 mean?
Me: DOB stands for Date of Birth, then it list the date you were born.
Madison: What does the 00 mean?
Me: 2000, the year you were born.
Madison: How do they know it doesn't stand for 1000?
Me: Because if you were born in the year 1000 you'd be dead. In other words, not waiting for an x-ray and asking random questions.
Madison: Oh. Well, how do they know it doesn't stand for 3000?
Me: Because that hasn't happened yet.
Madison: Oh ya. I'm bored.

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Michelle said...

Matthew just brought up a good point. Is Maddie going to be a better wife for Duncan...or Jonathon?