27 May 2008

This is Summer

The boy is out for the summer. Madison still has two weeks of school which she is not very happy about. She's going to be even less happy when she hears that Chase's last day of preschool is tomorrow. I can hear it now, "Everyone is out BUT ME?!"

Because Chase has school this morning I figured Davis and I could spend some quality time with the boy. We started by going to the library. As I was pushing the stroller down the ramp I was stopped by an older woman who, in a very thick Russian accent, said "Both boys? Congratulations! You strong mother. Boys good." Nothing like starting the day with a strange compliment.

While at the library I was hoping to find a book that would encourage Kai to read this summer. I showed him, "The Diary of a Killer Cat." It had animals and death in the title, how could I go wrong? "Um okay, but do you think I could get a book about multiplication?"

After we checked out our books I handed him one to read in the car. It was called, "First Grade Stinks." "Mom, the thing is, I don't really think first grade stinks, so could I just read the book about multiplication?" The whole way home I listened to, "Hey! Did you know 10 times 12 is 120?" and "1 times 1 is 1? What! I thought it was 2 . . . no wait, that adding."

I'm going to have to contact the hospital, no way is that child mine.


Smash said...

There are books about multiplication? That doesn't seem right. I enjoy both science and math, and I would still pick the killer cat and/or first grade stinks book.

Jim F. said...

I think you should check to see whether the teacher has been slipping him some odd meds on the side.

Michelle said...

I have to know the name of the book about multiplication. Stuff like that doesn't just happen, somebody had to do it on purpose and I've got to see it.

You know, there was that one doctor who thought Chase and Brig were both adopted. If Chase starts showing bizarre symptoms of loving math, maybe they both came from the same family.