21 May 2008


Yesterday I went to my first S'nB. For the uninitiated that stands for Stitch and Bitch. We did a lot of stitching, but very little bitching. We were knitting (and crocheting) with out distraction-- what could we possibly complain about?

I met this lovely group of ladies on Ravelry. If you are a knitter or crocheter who has not joined Ravelry, I suggest you do so as soon as possible.


CarrieAnne said...

Dudette, your link doesn't work. But other than that I'm loving the idea of a knitting/crocheting group.

Succubus and Saint said...

sounds like your kind of heaven. I would get into the B side of that though.

Beth said...

CA-- I just tried it and it worked for me. But you can also just go to ravelry.com Totally check it out. I love it.