02 May 2008

The Black Sheep

Today is the Mother Goose fair in the boy's class. Each student is supposed to recite a Mother Goose poem in front of the class, while the parents watch. The boy decided to recite "Ba Ba Black Sheep."

Because it's Free Dress Friday they are allowed to come in costume. I used black felt and cotton balls to make ears and used hot glue to attach them to a headband. He was very impressed. He wore the ears most of yesterday and declared, "it's okay for boys to wear headbands if they have ears on them!" He thinks I'm a brilliant costume maker, I'll be sad when he is older and I no longer hear him gush over little things like felt sheep ears.


Juliette said...

Very cute and creative! And the picture to the right is adorable.

Succubus and Saint said...

Hmmm...hard to imagine Brigham as a black sheep. Although the black sheep looks a little "damend off" in the picture to the right. (Sorry... that just cracks me up and I keep using it even though I am sure the joke is old to everyone else.)