27 August 2009

I'll Keep That in Mind

I'm not a fan of crowds. The only thing that makes crowds worse is trying to keep track of your kids in a crowd. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, but I will say that next time the school has a carnival I won't jokingly ask my sister-in-law to grab Chase if she sees him wandering around lost. When it really happens it isn't as funny. But hey at least we worked out a game plan in advance, right? RIGHT!?

Anyway, it hasn't been a great day (to say the least) and when I was trying to get the kids to come down off their carnival high and get pajamas on I may have gotten a little upset at one or two of them.

Once everything calmed down and people were pretty much where they were supposed to be, sweet little quiet Chase came up to me and said this:

"Mom. I love you. But I don't love it when you get mad at me, or Davis, or Kai, or Madison. We're just kids. Okay?"

I do tend to forget that sometimes.


Kristin said...

Awww, I love that he said he loved you before he criticized you. Way to say something positive before saying something negative Chase!

Sparklebot said...

Aw. He's already learning to use guilt as a manipulative tool. He's gonna go far! :)

Alice said...

Now if he had finished his point by saying something positive about you he would have properly "sandwiched" his constructive feed back. A boss in the making :)

NG said...

Kids know just how to pull those guilt strings, don't they?