22 May 2009

Test Results

I got a call with the test results for the boys today.

Davis-- everything came back normal so what we are doing seems to be working. We just need to keep giving him cornstarch at bedtime and monitor his blood sugar if he starts acting strange.

Kai-- he tested negative for celiac. She still thinks there is some sort of problem with nutrient absorption so he will need start seeing a gastroenterologist. He is also scheduled for a cystic fibrosis test on the 1st, though they are fairly certian he doesn't have cystic fibrosis. They just want to rule it out.


Kristin said...

they thought Elisabeth might have cystic fybrosis when she was 1 becaue she didn't grow very much.

Pmom@ChocolateandGarlic.com said...

So how did you feel about this?

It sounds like it's pretty good news with Davis's tests being normal and Kai (and your whole family) begin able to forget the challenges of celiac. However, still not having answers about Kai sounds tough. You have seen a lot of doctors already and are still on the merry go round. That has to be hard.

CarrieAnne said...

Don't see Dr. Bodily. See Dr. Hemmert, for Gastro. Bodily is good, but his bedside manner is not the greatest...and you wouldn't get along with him. Hemmert is good also, and has great bedside manner...even though he wouldn't cut off The Man's beard when The Man was under..he did say that he would let me in there to do it...and he had good humor about it..so that gets him my vote.

Beth said...

Pmom-- Though I wasn't excited about the idea of having to deal with a special diet, I'm disappointed that we still don't know whats wrong. I'm tired of being passed from one specialist to the next. It's frustrating.

As far as Davis goes, that is basically what I expected. She had us give him the corn starch before he fasted, and the whole point of the corn starch is so everything will be normal when he fasts. So I guess I don't see how her test would really tell her anything.