21 May 2009

Scheduling Difficulties

I hate it when stupid people waste my time.

Yesterday I called UVRMC to schedule a test for the boy. First I was transferred from person to person because they couldn't figure out if I really needed an appointment or if I could just walk-in. After deciding I really did need an appointment they transferred me to the chemistry lab.

lab person (lp): "Chemistry."
me: "Hi, I need to make an appointment for my son to take a sweat test."
lp: "How old is he?"
me: "six."
lp: "oh . . . I don't think we can do that . . . um . . . well . . . just a second."

For the next several minutes I hear the lab person talking to another person

lab person (lp): "Hey, this lady wants to make an appointment for her six year old to take a sweat test."
other person(op): "so, schedule it."
lp: "I don't think we can do that test on six year olds."
op: "What does the computer say."
lp: "It just says pediatric."
op: "That's fine then."
lp: "No. I think they have to be 5 and under. It's age specific."
op: "Really? Does it say that?"
lp: "No, I just remember that from somewhere."
op: "Then I think it's fine."

Did I mention that I had to sit and listen to this insanity for several minutes?

Even though everything in front of her said that he qualified for the test, they all started debating about whether or not to schedule him for it. She isn’t sure, but she thinks she remembers reading or hearing something about the test not being given to children older than five. Apparently there’s some question about whether or not a six year old qualifies as a pediatric case. Of course, the whole reason that they want to do the test in the first place is because he has the body of a three year old. I wanted to yell, "Let's just say he's three and schedule the appointment!"

Finally she gets back on the phone and says, "Just call back tomorrow and talk to someone else."

Really? She is so concerned about his age that she won't schedule him and her solution is to call back tomorrow? We all know that when I call back tomorrow I'll talk to someone who didn't hear or read whatever it is she heard or read and will schedule the test. So why not just schedule it now? Why? WHY? Am I the only one who finds this ridiculous?

I called back this morning and talked to a different lab person.

lab person (lp): "Chemistry."
me: "Hi, I need to schedule an appointment for my son to take a sweat test."
lp: "Okay . . . how about June 1st at 10am."
me: "That works."

The new lab person got the boy's name, age, all that jazz, and told me we're all set.

me: "So it isn't a problem that he is six?"
lp: "No. It's a pediatric test."
me: "Right, but when I called yesterday they told me that you might not be able to do the test because he was over the age of five."
lp: "That doesn't make any sense. It's a pediatric test. I mean sometimes we get poor results when we test adults, but I'm pretty sure six still qualifies as pediatric."

Yeah. I kind of figured as much.


Shell said...

He's a very small six, so that might throw things off a bit...no, wait, maybe that would only make the test work better...

All I can say is be grateful you only had to deal with her for ten minutes. She sounds like an absolute nightmare to work with.

Jessieksj said...

oh hell no. i would have had some bleeps to add. grrrrrrrr. someone has says, you know the economy cant be that bad when stupid people are working :)

Dawnia said...

Ahhhhh. Time to pull out some hair. Obviously someone shouldn't be working there.

QueenMeadow said...

dude! people suck!

Ali said...

Man, that kinda renews my faith in the medical system. Really.

Kristin said...

As if medical crap isn't complicated enough. This person decides to make it unnecesarily more difficult. SUCK! That makes me MAD. As if any parent who has to schedule a test for their kid isn't having enough stress and complication in their lives...she is going to add just a little more. Ever see the Church Lady skits on SNL? I came across Satan today, in the form of a lab technician!"

Anonymous said...

Oh good grief.

My mom had an experience with her cell phone company this week in which she learned you can only communicate with the higher-ups (and believe me, she needed to communicate with the higher-ups) is through SNAIL MAIL. Not phone, not email. Did I mention it was a phone company?

Not to be nosy, well, okay, to be nosy, but as someone who's had my share of endocrinological issues in the last several years, I'm curious what endocrinologist your kids are seeing -- specifically b/c there's one local one of whom I have a very low opinion.

Beth said...

Jessieksj-- Oh, there was a multitude of swears going on in my head.

myimaginaryblog-- I just sent you a message with the name of my endocrinologist. Its a little long and rambling so I apologize.

CarrieAnne said...

Wow. I feel your pain. Really. So been there.