27 May 2009


Last month the boy got his school's WOW (Westridge Outstanding Wildcat) award for having "great expression and fluency when he reads."  When he would tell people about it he would ask them if they knew what fluency meant.  Almost everyone would say, "Yes, but do you?"  to which he would respond, "It means I read at the appropriate speed and pause properly at the punctuation."  

Fast forward to this morning. 

While talking about the friendship bracelets she has been making to sell to the other third graders at Market Day, Madison says, "I'm glad I made 16 pair instead of 15 because [insert something incomprehensible]"

She had to repeat herself several times before I finnally understood what she was saying.  If you're curious it was because that way she can make 2 even rows or 4 even rows, which for some reason is more appealing than 3 even rows.  Don't ask me, this comes from Michael's side of the family.

Anyway, the boy looked at her and said, "Madison, when  you talk it is important to talk at the right speed--not too fast and not too slow.  If you had better fluency people would be able to understand you."  See that?  The smart ass gene? That comes from my side of the family.  


Rachel said...

I love Brig! Wish him luck on his fluency and for reminding me what it means :)

CarrieAnne said...

We have the same genes? Who knew?

(The Man has it too but it's more recessive.)

Shell said...

So is 'smart ass' the same as 'sarcastic'? 'Cause I understand there's none of that in your family.

Anonymous said...


(I wish I could say I weren't also raising a house full of smart-alecs, but it would be untruthful.)

Beth said...

CA-- I always suspected as much.

Shell-- No no no, you have it all wrong. There will be no sarcasm in my HOME. Big difference.

Kristin said...

Isn't it great when your kids say what you want to say, but are too nice to. No much unlike when Sam slapped Lincoln when Lincoln reported to me that he (Linocln) was stinky. It's what you Want to do, but THEY can get away with it.

NG said...

That's awesome... except I'd be willing to bet that he got it from MY side of the family. Perhaps we're related somewhere up the genealogical line?

Jim F. said...

It is absolutely impossible that he got it from your side of the family. None of us has ever been known to be sarcastic or cynical or anything else but upbeat and positive and always complimentary of others.