07 July 2009

Thanks, But I'm Not Really Interested

Our air conditioning is broken again and has been for over a week. I haven't really done anything besides sit in a pool of my own sweat--which isn't something I generally blog about.

Today I got out of the very hot house and went to Target. They have air conditioning at Target. As the checker handed me the pen to sign the receipt she accidentally jabbed my hand with it and began to apologize profusely. "You're fine." I said. She freaked out, "WHAT did you say!?" Her reaction took me a little off guard. I took a step back and told her that I'd said it was fine. I wasn't upset that she had jabbed me with the pen. "Oh!" she said, "I totally took the 'you're fine' comment a different way."

This is why I don't go out much.


Marianne said...

What did she think you meant? I always say you're fine in similar situations. Did she think you were coming on to her or something?

Kristin said...

Huh, I guess that is what she might have thought. I wondered how she could misinterpret that as well. What is it with everyone's coolers being out right now? The Fentons and ours are also out of commission. Is your basement at least cooler than upstairs? We have been spending a lot of time there these days. "There" being our basement. . . not yours.

Dirtius Wifius said...

Kristin, I love that you have to explain that you spend time in your own basement and not Lis's.

Okay, Fentons, Stanleys, and (Lis, quick, what's your last name again?) Malmgrens all invited to my house, where the swamp cooler and fans keep the house at a very pleasant 70 degrees... :)

Shell said...

WOW. If that's what you have to deal with when you go out, I'd stay home too, puddles of sweat and all. And I think we should ALL go over to Heather's. 70 degrees sounds wonderful, and my ac works just fine.

mhambster said...

Our AC works fine . . . Now that we've turned it on and all. We had a brief moment when we thought that it was broken, bit it turns out that Mike and I had just tripped the breaker on it when we were playing with the electricity. Maybe you guys should check that. See if Mike turned it off. Hey. I'm just saying that it worked for me.
And how stuck on yourself do you have to be to think that someone is coming on to you, especially a mom with a shopping cart full of kids, in that situation? Seriously? Makes me want to go and have the same experience, just so I can tell her to get off herself. I mean, she's working at Target. It's not like she a super model.
However, I appreciate you sharing the experience. I am totally going to cite this the next time Tim accuses me of flirting with a waitress.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. You'd think you could at least get through a check-out line without being both stabbed and bizarrely misunderstood.