28 July 2009

Make Way

We're back. This means that before long you'll be bombarded with posts about Oregon. In fact, the bombardment begins now . . . .

There's a John Deere store not far from grandma and grandpa's house in Oregon. Seeing as Chase is a John Deere fanatic we decided to pay the store a little visit.

The first thing Chase noticed was the Johnny Popper.

After fawning over various farm equipment he joined the boy in the toy section.

Kai: "Look Chase! Its a toy Johnny Popper!"
Chase: "Dat's a Waterloo Boy."
Kai: "No, it's a Johnny Popper."
Michael: "Its a Waterloo Boy. It says it on the box."

Even though he had high hopes walking in with his, "Will Trade Sister For Tractor" shirt, we left with Madison and he left without a tractor. However, we couldn't leave empty handed so grandpa bought Chase a John Deere cup and we bought him a DVD called John Deere Country: How a Combine is Made. He is completely in love with this DVD.

Here is a quick preview.

Do you hear the song playing in the background? So do I . . . all the time! Chase sings it constantly. I figure it won't be long now before he buys himself some big ticket farm equipment while I'm taking a nap.


Shell said...

Aren't grandparents wonderful?

I'm glad you're back and blogging again. I've been waiting for the Oregon posts, though I must admit I wasn't expecting the first one to show me John Deere tractors and not a hint of Oregon. You can show me John Deeres all you want, just put them in a field or something. Some of us are homesick.

Kristin said...

I am glad to have you back! Also very excited to hear more about your trip. Chase must have been in heaven in that store.

NG said...

First, I love that you made the entire post available in a reader. Contributing to my laziness (too lazy to click once = pretty darn lazy) is always a thing I'm grateful for. Second, I love Oregon... lived there for awhile and I would go back in a hot minute if I could. Third, "Will trade sister for tractor" shirt is GENIUS! I'm going home to made a "Will trade baby for therapeutic massage" shirt right now!