22 March 2010

Bargaining Tactics

Lately all my conversations with Davis have followed this pattern

D:  Where are you going?
Me:  Out with my friends.
D: I'm coming with you?
Me: Nope.  Just me. 
D: And me?
Me:  No.  You're staying home with Daddy.
D: You're staying with Daddy?
Me: No, you're staying with Daddy.  I'm going out.
D: With me?
 . . . .

It goes around and around like this until one of us (me) begins to scream and yank large tufts of hair out of their head. 

Though it was funny when he did it to Madison yesterday.

D:  What are you doing?
M: Vacuuming.
D: I'm helping you?
M: No.  I'm going to do it by myself.
D: With me?
 . . . .


Sparklebot said...

Haha. He just wants to be included.

Juliette said...

So young to already know the fine craft of manipulation--lucky you. (o; By the way, that photo is equally artistic and adorable.

JulieN said...

That photo is absolutely priceless. There is nothing like the love of a boy for his dog!

Beth said...

Sparklebot-- He doesn't JUST want to be included, he also wants to drive me crazy.

Julie and Julie- Thanks, I do love that picture. Are either of you interested in a very sweet and often photogenic three legged dog?