01 December 2009

So This is Christmas

I am glad to have November behind me and looking forward to an exciting December. Every morning Chases asks me if today is the day he is going to get presents and I remember how much I used to love Christmas.

For me Christmas has lost some of its luster. I still like to make the house look festive and I really enjoy giving a perfect present. But I don't wake up at 4am on Christmas morning full of anticipation like I used to. Perhaps I just value my sleep more.

However, I still want my kids to think Christmas is wonderful and exciting. So this year I will advocate watching as many Christmas movies as possible and drinking mounds of hot chocolate. And, like my friend Sparklebot, I am going to try to do something Christmasy everyday. Tonight I think we'll decorate the tree.

I will also try to get Davis better presents this year. He is two now, and heaven forbid we have a repeat of last year.


Alice said...

Clearly the kid didn't think too much of the reindeer I gave him that pooped candy. Looking forward to seeing your house all decorated!

Beth said...

Alice, this happened before we went to grandma's and so I don't think he had received the pooping reindeer. If I remember correctly he, and all the other kids, loved it.

Sparklebot said...

Christmas is only fun if you make it magical. So, that's my goal!

My husband has always thought Christmas to be a waste of time. It's my goal to show him how awesome it can be.

Jim F. said...

If you don't do better by the boy this year than you did last, your parents will at least disown you--worse if they can think of something really bad.

Monica said...

I think we should start calling Davis "The Old Man". It fits him...constantly seeking food, eating in inappropriate places, crotchety, poops his pants, clothes are optional in public places, constantly bossing everyone around, uses an inappropriate outdoor voice inside like he can't hear you. I tell you, he is one step from a 50+ community.

Anonymous said...

I kind of dread Christmas ever since becoming a parent, because on the one hand I am tired and boring but on the other hand I do NOT want to fail my kids on the most magical day of the year. Thanks to that link to Davis' Christmas last year, to remind me of what is at stake. I hope this year will eclipse last year's trauma for poor Davis. I think your other kids will understand why Santa brings him double the presents this year.

(My other kids are the reason that my 9-month-old is getting presents even though she probably really won't care--the other kids will notice and be concerned.)