08 December 2009

A New Addition

This weekend we welcomed someone new to our little family--actually two someones.

I tried to talk Michael into getting a puppy this weekend. It was a no go but I think we're getting closer. Instead he let Madison buy two very small aquatic frogs.

Their names are Blooper and Bobby.

Did I mention that they are living on my kitchen counter? Animals don't really go with my kitchen decor but Madison's room gets too cold for them. I think Santa might be bringing Madison a fish tank heater for Christmas.


Alice said...

If I were Madison I would demand a human heater before a fish heater.

Beth said...

Madison IS a human heater. This is one reason her little brothers like to sleep next to her.

Sparklebot said...

You guys should get a bird!!!

NG said...

Oh, I wish you lived closer because I've got a whole aquarium and all the accouterments I'd be willing to share.

Kristin said...

Congratulations on the new additions to the family!