10 December 2009

This Was Almost Very Bad

I just killed Madison's frogs.

I had a little extra time and thought I'd do her a favor by changing the water in her frog bowl. It was pretty dirty and ITS IN MY KITCHEN. I was going to make her change it after she got home from school, but like I said, I had a few minutes and I was trying to be nice, and did I mention that it is in my kitchen?

I had to catch them with my hands because we don't have a net. It was nasty, but I did it. I even reserved some of the old water in temporary bowl for them to swim in while I cleaned. I rinsed the rocks and wiped everything down and I filled the bowl up with fresh water.

Then I let the water sit on the counter for 15 or 20 minutes before transferring the nasty little buggers back into their bowl. I then proceeded to scrub my hands with soap and very hot water.

A few minutes later I walked by and noticed one of them was floating belly-up. I freaked out. I poked it with a pencil. Nothing changed. I called Michael and watched as the second frog flip belly-up and floated to the surface of the water. It was horrible. And to make matters worse I was supposed to take these dead little frogs out of the water and put them in a bag so Michael could take them back to the pet store. Did I mention we don't have a net? I didn't enjoy touching them when they were alive, I really wasn't keen on touching them when they were dead! But what kind of a mother would knowingly let her daughter come home from school to see two dead frogs floating around in her bowl? I had to do it but I need moral support so I called Michael's sister. She's dealt with more dead pets than I have.

I came back in the kitchen prepared to touch two dead little frogs when I saw them--swimming around in the bowl like nothing had happened. I am sure they were laughing their little frog heads off too.

I hate frogs. Their sense of humor sucks.


NG said...

Oh that's freaky!

I was going to suggest running to the pet store, buying two identical frogs and then replacing the dead ones and feigning ignorance if she happened to notice they weren't the same. Worked for my mother and about a dozen parakeets over the years. So, you know, in case they ever really do die one day...

Pmom@ChocolateandGarlic.com said...

I'm definitely no expert on frogs.

But did you dechlorinate the water you added to the bowl? If not, do you know if it is for sure safe for frogs like yours to swim in chlorinated water?

I don't know if this is relevant, but chlorinated water does kill fish. I don't think twenty minutes is enough to allow the chlorine to dissipate sufficiently. Is it possible that your froggies' senses of humor are fine, but they just felt a bit ill from the water for a while?

P.S. Parental guilt over pet death/illness is horrible. Remember, whatever happens, you mean and meant well. Our oldest is still traumatized about a certain butterfly . . . (note to public: butterflies do not make good pets). Meaning well really does count for something.

CarrieAnne said...

My mom..she let my older brother CUT THE HEAD OFF of my younger brother's pet frog after it bit him. So..it could have been worse. (I'm pretty sure this is why my younger brother turned to a life of "easy living" and "womanizing", he's been scarred by this ever since and he's just been looking for some comfort.)

Beth said...

NG-- They didn't make it. And it really stinks because if they had stayed dead the first time I could have replaced them before she got home.

Pmom-- I think you might be right about the chlorine thing. I didn't think about that. And your right I feel horrible.

Shell said...

I am so sorry they didn't make it. It is so true, when it comes to children and non-bond-forming pets, that what they don't know won't hurt them. What they do know can send them to therapy.

What CarrieAnne didn't mention (and when she says the frog bit our brother she neglected the 'and drew blood' part) is that said brother was nicknamed Frog, so the beheaded frog was truly devastating (as well as the old Sea Galley commercials that the older brothers changed from "We've got crab legs" to "We've got frog legs." On the menu. And they told him the frogs were his cousins. Have I mentioned the therapy part?)

There is little about frogs and their sense of humor that my family has not already been exposed to. Unfortunately. But if it's any consolation, I got Duncan a little fish tank two years ago for his birthday. We went through no less than five fish and three frogs in less than a month. He quit asking us to replace them.

CarrieAnne said...

I love you Lis. I'm so sorry.

The Kid is really good at animal funerals if you need one. She's had kids over and built altars and everything. I imagine Maddy would throw a good funeral too. ;-)

It actually REALLY scares me to think that our cat will die some day. She recently got very sick and we thought she might die..or worse, that we wouldn't be able to afford the means to heal her. I hate pets that you love and that your kids love. It's the worst!

I am so sorry.

Jessieksj said...

beware- these frogs will mess with you. i have had a few- and one day i would think- ok, this one is about to go, and then like nothing it would be fine. little suckers!!

Sparklebot said...

What the H? Frogs play dead?

Jordan said...

Maybe the frogs had actually been kidnapped from their pond by the pet store owner. And their dad was trying to rescue them. So they played dead so you would flush them down the toilet and they would eventually reach the pond again. Hmm...this sounds like a great idea for a movie...

Ali said...

I'm sorry about the frogs. If you need a net you can have ours. and buy the water treatment stuff. It's really cheap and lasts a long time (removes chlorine and stuff). Or let the water sit for 24 hours and the chlorine comes out. And the water comes to the temp of your house (the shock of water change will kill them). Frogs are really weak, though, they die easily. So it's not TOTALLY your fault (dude, she got more and those will die quickly, too. Learn now to deal with it by NEVER taking any responsibility for them so it'll never be "your fault" again).
So, sorry about your loss and all. That really sucks!