15 June 2009

My Baby is Two

Davis Making A Dandelion Wish

Davis turns two today.

We had a much harder time picking a name for little Davis than we did with the other kids. I was pushing for James Marshall (after Jimi Hendrix) but Michael thought it was too boring. Michael wanted to name him Zentrig. I said no because it sounds like a brand name for a washing machine. He suggested Rennie, I said no because we were having a boy not a girl. So he suggested Edvin, I said no because we were having a boy not a vampire. Then he wanted Mats (pronouced Motts) or Viggo. That's right--applesauce and the villain from one of the worst movies ever made.

We still hadn't agreed on a name when I had him. Seeing as I was in a heavily drugged state when I turned to Michael and said, "Just name him whatever you want." I'm pretty lucky we don't have a little Viggo running around.

However, what we do have running around is one of the most independent children I know. Last week after he finished his bowl of corn starch laced applesauce he climbed out of his high chair, closed the Internet browser (he'd been watching cartoons), and put his bowl in the sink.

At night he likes to turn off his own light and tuck himself into bed. It won't be long before he's reading himself a story and running his own bath.

He is much older at two than the other kids were--which is a little maddening because as the last baby he was supposed to stay a baby longer.

Regardless he is growing up and there isn't much I can do about that. He is growing up into a little boy with his own thoughts and opinions. He is good as saying, "leave me alone mom!" or "Let go!" and hiding something behind his back to keep the other kids from taking it.

He is 2 going on 20 so when he occasionally stops for a hug or a kiss I take what I can get.


NG said...

Personally, I think you should have named him Hendrix. But Davis is nice too. :)

Happy Birthday to both of you.

Ali said...

Happy birthday baby Davis! Certainly a more interesting name than Motts (or Mats, for that matter!). Even if he really does like applesauce.
Why do the babies have to grow up so fast? It really isn't fair.
Hey, when can we come see your kitchen? Now that the hard work is done, can we be friends again? :)

Kristin said...

If he is anything like my kids the independent streak will end and he will start asking you to do things for him again. Viggo isn't so bad. . not the one with the last name Mortenson anyway. But Davis is awesome too. Happy birthday Davis! It was so weird when my youngest turned two and I WASN'T pregnant. Enjoy your independence too!

CarrieAnne said...

Anakin Tiberius Rex. Why didn't you choose that one? Star Wars, Star Trek, Dinosaurs..what's more boy than that?!? Serious. Best. Boys. Name. Ever. The. End.

You sadden me. He won't even answer to Anakin anymore. *Runs off crying*

Alice said...

Ahhh ... this is a very sweet post.

Anonymous said...

He's so cute. Happy birthday to him.

And the green paint is great.

And the pic in the park is funny.

And your library hold strategy is brilliant. (And I had just been wondering the other day whether someone could steal my holds right off the hold shelf and be allowed to check them out -- apparently so?! You'd think the checkout software could tell a person "You can't check this book out because it's on hold for someone else.")

Beth said...

NG-- I might have gone for Hendrix

Ali-- come over whenever you want! Give me a call we'll set up a play date.

myimaginaryblog-- If you have a book on hold they can't check it out, BUT as I know all too well, they can TRY to check it out and then leave it some random place in the library.

Anonymous said...

Good to know! That's almost as bad, but at least you'd then still know your held book was somewhere on the premises.