26 June 2009

More Random Conversations With the Boy and the Girl

Boy: "Mom. What's this?"
Me: "Its a steam iron."
Boy: "I don't need one of those."
*brief pause*
Boy: "But my wife will."
Girl: "If you keep talking like that, you won't ever have a wife."


Shell said...

Get used to it now, Brig, 'cause another fifteen years or so and Kaes will be telling you the same thing.

Maybe I should have Duncan read this though...

You're raising your daughter right, Lis.

CarrieAnne said...


MamaJenny said...


I love that your life is so blogable. (Is that a word?) I love how much I laugh every time I read it and miss your wit in person. Love-Jen Palmer

Anonymous said...

LOL! She is quick on her feet.

Dirtius Wifius said...

bahahaha! You can tell they've learned lots from their parents... ;)

Kristin said...

It's good that he has a big sister to clarify these misunderstandings for him. Isn't it nice when your kids do your job for you?