24 June 2009

First Blood

Right now Madison is busy making a kill jar.

I had no idea how much thought went into making kill jars. They have to be small enough to carry around, but large enough to fit a nice sized bug.

Madison got her first taste of bug collecting at her science class this morning. They were each given their own nets and set loose to find bugs. She caught a bee and a water skeeter. Apparently she gets to bring them home tomorrow.

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Just last week I said, "You know, this house could really use a box full of dead bugs."

Madison wanted to know if it would be bad for her to sit and sniff the fingernail polish remover in the kill jar. "Hmm. Lets think about this. The fingernail polish remover is what turns a regular old jar into a KILL jar. What do you think?"


Shell said...

And I used to think these summer classes were a good idea. My kids just sit around playing video games in their pajamas all day. They've never thought about sniffing polish remover.

Smash said...

She's so much like me.

CarrieAnne said...

Yeah, I wrote a 7 page report on insect defenses instead of doing the kill and label thing. Because even though I hate bugs and insects, it made me cry when I had to kill them.

(You can also kill them by putting them in the freezer, less mess, and it's supposed to be "kinder". Whatever you do don't put them in the microwave...bugs stink.)

hOLLIANN said...

Well, sniffing that is definitely cheaper than a few other alternatives...and while she is on this science kick...I have ants that would love to make it into her kill jar!

Anonymous said...

>Just last week I said, "You know, this house could really use a box full of dead bugs."

Great idea! I think that could definitely go well with the general themes of chaos and return-to-nature we have going around here, too. I see I've been going about things all wrong and I need to stop fighting the chaos and instead embrace it and accentuate it.