08 August 2011

Oregon 2011

Every couple of years we try to get out to Oregon.  We weren't sure we were going to be able to this year, but a few weeks ago we made a last minute decision and jumped in the car.  The drive starts out with a whole lot of this

and ends with a whole lot of this
When we were first married Michael and I always drove out and back in one day.  But then more and more smaller people with even smaller bladders started tagging along making the trip considerably longer. 

With out a doubt the drive out is always better than the drive back.  ON the way out the kids are excited to be going so things go smoothly.  The way back is a different story all together.  At this point they are tired and for some reason this makes it impossible for the younger ones to pee when they are supposed to and not pee when they aren't.  As a result we usually take the trip back in two days.

This time we stayed at a lovely hotel in Winnemucca where the kids insisted on swimming before we went to bed.  The day after we got home Madison and Kai developed a weird rash.  It turned out that this particular rash results from swimming in a gross bacterial filled hotel swimming pool.  Then Chase started complaining about his ear hurting.  The doctor looked in his ear and said, "have you been swimming lately?"  Why?  Because this particular ear infection results from swimming in a gross bacterial filled hotel swimming pool.  You might think this upsets me but it doesn't.  Here's the thing.  I really hate swimming and I used to feel guilty telling the kids I don't want to go but now I have an excuse.  Now if all goes as planned I NEVER have to get into a hotel pool again.  


Libi said...

You planned this, didn't you? You made sure.... I know you!

CarrieAnne said...

Did you call the hotel? Are they going to pay for your Dr. stuff?

VisualAnarchy said...

Libi- If it could have been planned I totally would have.

CA-- no. I haven't. Though a lot of people have told me to.